First week back in Sydney

by | Jun 12, 2012

My goodness as always time goes fast when you’re having fun :)

I arrived back in Sydney a bit over a week ago and have settled back into the swing of my “everyday” life quite quickly. Though that said I’m not really certain how much of my life could really be considered everyday – hehee! I’m pretty lucky that I don’t get too badly affected by jet lag – I woke up earlier than usual the first couple of days but am back to my regular sleep schedule now.

My first session back was great – especially as it was an overnight session! When I’m traveling I don’t get a chance to really do extended sessions – usually they are a couple of hours or a bit longer… and I really miss my space. Mistress Wynter’s dungeon is one of my favorite places to play – but I love having a range of different play areas particularly during an overnight or extended session as I can move from the South Floor to the Main to the Sling Room and so on. Even little things like being paraded on a leash is more intense when it has more of an intention of moving from one playspace to another.

It’s amazing how fast time can fly – at the start of the night time and possibilities stretch out so decadently, but all of a sudden it’s 1am and time to start winding down for a few hours sleep (locked in various devices and in my gaol cell for slave of course)… then morning comes and there’s only an hour or so before freedom beckons.

I guess that’s the nature of play time – besides my predilection for extended sessions I also conduct quite a number of short half hour domestic of scholastic discipline sessions. I suspect that the half hour I spent with a regular naughty boy of mine this weekend felt like a million years to him while he was bent over the spanking horse and experiencing me “running the rack” of all my tawses (and one or two canes at the end).

Speaking of tawses – I was able to deliver a lovely vintage Lochgelly to my bestie in New York, Mistress Wynter! I wrote about it over on The FemDom Scene message board…

“I suspect it won’t come as a surprise to people to know that I am a huge fan of the Lochgelly taswe. Recently I finally managed to track down one of these amazing pieces on EBay UK – with one tiny problem. They didn’t ship outside of the UK….

Here is where the sisterhood comes into play. My colleague and friend Mistress Jadis was planning a beach vacation in Thailand with a friend of hers from London – so the wheels were set in place and the tawse began it’s long journey around the globe passing from Domme to Domme.

Scotland to London
London to Phuket
Phuket to Sydney
Sydney to LA

And finally LA to New York City where it’s landed in it’s new home in Mistress Wynter’s dungeon.

I’d call this its “forever home” – but as each unique and precious Lochgelly is at least 40 old – it will probably pass through a few more strict disciplinarians in time.

Of course any naughty lads in need of an attitude adjustment should try and get in to see us together in the next few days. I brought my favourite with me and a double tawsing is an amazing experience. I’m back to Sydney soon – but there is now a genuine vintage Lochgelly to keep the subs of New York in line!”

And we certainly did get a chance to play together :D

Double Domme session are one of my favorite things and I find them a fantastic way for me to learn. Even after so long in the scene as a ProDomme and a lifestyle player I’m always finding new and exciting ideas on toys and techniques.

Here is a little happy snap of myself and Mistress Wynter with our Lochgellies about to go give someone a very good thrashing…

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