A lovely thank you email

by | Jul 31, 2012

I had a fantastic session recently with a sub I’ve been seeing for many years – he loves to explore and play and enjoys submitting to a select few ladies 🙂 He seemed to really enjoy my new South Floor layout and pieces of equipment and sent this lovely thank you note which I’m posting (with permission) along with a few happy snaps from the session 🙂

Dear Mistress,

Wow! What a time. Thank you so much for everything you did. I have to say that when you first took the blindfold off and I saw you in the riding clothes, I was absolutely gobsmacked. I was stunned but in a great way. It was totally unexpected and I have to say that you looked fantastic. I have to say that that vision will stay with me for a long time. It’s just a shame I don’t have a photo of it. Dang!

The initial nipple play combined with the handcuffs was great and certainly had my mind heading in the right direction but when I laid eyes upon you, I really started to drift, then every step up to the loft sent me further into the headspace I was searching for. I really appreciate you engaging a a bit of role playing. I know it is not something that you usually do but I know that it was your words along with your proximity (You weren’t deliberately teasing me were you??) and everything else that made it so enjoyable for me. The words are extremely powerful. Then, as you noticed, as you strapped me into your new spanking bench, the tightening of each strap just sent me further in.

The spanking and the caning just got me going further and boy was I praying that you would go harder, although I knew you couldn’t. I really wanted more at the time though. What can I say about the anal play? You saw the results so it would be stupid of me to try and pretend anything at all except to say that I loved it.

The inversion rack was a great addition as well. Apart from being very secure, the movement there was amazing. The combination of that fantastic piss hood, the nipple suckers, combined with that nipple tree was incredible. I did not want to get out of that rack. It would have been great to have spent more time upside down though. The feeling of the catheter – always a favourite.

The shower scene was just amazing, except for me nearly drowning. It would have been so good to have a slower and longer flow so that I would have been able to keep up with it. It was very sad to see it cut short but it was either that, or I was gonna drown and that would not have been a great way to end the session. I’m sorry your jodhpurs got piss on them though.

I can see why the leather body bag is so popular. I didn’t want to come out of it and would have been more than happy to spend the night there. It is an amazingly comfortably, albeit restrictive item. I think you realised how much I enjoyed the electro play after that.

Despite it all, I really worked to finish the evening but as I said, I think that was more because I had nearly been milked dry when you were fucking me with the strap on. Oh my God!

All in all, an amazing session that I can’t wait to build on some time in the not too distant future. Thank you again for spending the time with me and allowing me to experience you amazing array of talents. I think our session may become one or two parts of my Fetlife story within the next few days and I assume you do not mind me using your name as a visiting Domme to the Chateau. if not, please let me know.


strapped to the Inversion Rack with the Nipple Tree in place

The Inversion table in horizontal mode – so many angles and options to be explored!

Tightly restrained on the Whipping Bench – leather straps holding the slave secure

If you’re on Fetlife check out the long (slightly fictionalised) account of our play that’s been copied over from the “Stories” group to “Tales from Carisbrook” – or if anyone is interested I can check if the sub minds my coping it over here…