Exciting news for Carisbrook!

by | Jul 6, 2012

If anyone has been following my twitter account they’d have seen a few hints dropped here and there over the last couple of weeks (well months if you consider the order and shipping time) about some very exciting new items added to the Carisbrook inventory!

Some changes are afoot – and while not everything is finalised quite yet I must say I’m super happy and excited about just how incredible it’s looking.

Last week I picked up a fabulous vintage lounge suite to replace the two mismatched sofas I had in my discussion area – as anyone who’s visited me I’m sure would remember the lowlight was a rather comfortable but undeniably hideous old sofa with a blue cover with it’s slightly more attractive cousin. Now I have a decadent and ornate mahogany and velvet lounge with two matching armchairs. So much more suited to the setting and not such a garish visual interruption when seen in the mirror.

But the more exciting news concerns the two new pieces of serious bondage equipment that just arrived from Fetters in the UK!

I’m still swooning at just how amazing these pieces are – and SO excited to get to use them as soon as possible!

Fetters is renowned for producing the best bondage toys and large bondage “furniture” in the world – on unpacking the special crate that had made the long journey via sea (and a lot of red tape let me tell you) – I could certainly tell why. The construction is *amazing* it’s so very sturdy and well made. The leather upholstery (not vinyl) is scented, soft and decadent… I’m super impressed.

The two pieces in question are a whipping bench and an inversion rack – I tried both of these out a tiny bit today – and am (as I’m sure everyone can tell) extremely satisfied with just how versatile they are and how well they work.

At the moment I have them placed up on the South Floor which is undergoing a total makeover and I think will rival the main dungeon in terms of exciting play options!

I promise some photos very soon so everyone can get a bit of an idea what I’m talking about… and I suspect that the new bondage equipment will get an inclusion in Gearhead Weekly over the next few weeks once I’ve had plenty of time to put them through their paces.