Gearhead Weekly – The Cage

by | Jul 9, 2012

I know people were probably looking forward to reading about my amazing new dungeon furniture but as I haven’t explored them fully as yet I’ve decided to leave writing about them for a little while.

That said – the new arrangement up on The South Floor is fantastic and has really brought that space to life! Which brings me to this week’s piece – The Cage!

I’ve had this cage since I first left Salon Kittys all those years ago – but as with all my pieces I go through ups and downs as to how I like to use them. A cage is I believe an essential part of a well equipped dungeon – there is something so exciting to me about having a submissive locked away in there – on display and awaiting my pleasure. It’s an interesting “play station” I love tormenting people through the bars – attaching nipple clamps to the bars for example, or tying their genitals in interesting ways 😉

I use the cage a lot in extended sessions – but also sometimes enjoy starting the session with the slave locked inside awaiting my return while I’m changing from “civvies” into my glamorous fetish wear. The caged slave is able to look out over the dungeon – and furtively observe me walking around selecting implements to use, never quite able to work out exactly what I’m planning!

These photos were taken quite recently – but before the arrival of my large pieces of new gear! So the South Floor set up is quite different now…