Gearhead Weekly – The Claws

by | Jul 2, 2012

So many exciting new toys and changes happening at Carisbrook over the next week or so – I’ll write more soon – but this Gearhead Weekly is a toy I’ve had for quite a while now – accompanied by a photo taken by the amazing Serpentine Kiss.

I chose these claws/talons in honour of all the latex fetish sessions I’ve been doing over the last couple of weeks – as they are a toy I love to bring out to highlight the sensual feel of being encased in rubber. I first saw these claws on a visit to Purple Passion in New York – one of my favourite toy shops 😉 I didn’t buy a whole set at the time but ended up ordering them online because after playing with one nail I really wanted the visual and sensual experience of a whole hand’s worth…I had to smile at the Customs Declaration on the parcel “Metal Nails for Theatre” – why yes – they are pretty theatrical!

These are something I use quite frequently – they look a little intimidating but the sensation is decidedly more on the sensual than the sadistic end of the BDSM spectrum – though I especially enjoy using them on a freshly flogged back or caned bottom to exploit the heightened sensitivity. In introductory sessions they’re a fabulous way to tease a novice sub while he’s experiencing his very first bondage position and is all stretched and vulnerable – providing a fantastic visual with sensations that are quite enticing. And in a rubber fetish session they are perfect to feel through the tight shiny black latex – I really enjoy the sensation on my own skin when I’m wearing latex!

Hmmm – this didn’t feed over automatically from Servalan on Tour so I’ve just cut and pasted it in here myself…