Gearhead Weekly – The Senior Dragon Cane

by | Jul 25, 2012

Thank you to Mistress Jadis for holding fort and writing a guest post for Gearhead weekly last week while I was relaxing in Spa Country (Daylesford) and Melbourne…

I was debating what to write about this week and decided to cover one of my favourite implements The Senior Dragon Cane!
Ms Servalan w the dragon cane

I bought this particular cane when I was visiting London a few years ago and it’s certainly has earned pride of place in my Schoolroom – and in the dungeon as well.

People are often curious about what the difference is between a Dragon Cane and a regular rattan cane – the easy answer is that it hurts more! While all my canes are made of rattan – the severity depends on a variety of factors. Length and diameter make a difference – but not so much as the density of the rattan itself. The kooboo is the lightest – my American and Australian canes provide a variety of different densities and sensations with the Senior Dragon Cane being the densest and most severe.

I’m often asked how long the marks will last from a thrashing with the cane – which is really an unanswerable question as everyone has different skin, healing speed and susceptibility to marking. Some submissives can take a medium level of discipline with a good warm-up including the cane and walk away with not a mark on them, while for others the distinctive stripes of the cane may last for well over a month. Once a bottom has been seasoned it doesn’t mark as easily as when one first starts receiving discipline, and there are various methods of reducing the intensity and severity of marking.

I absolutely adore caning – and love to see those perfect parallel welts rise up – so delicious! If you are interested in seeing more photos of canings that I have given check my fetlife profile as the more naughty photographs are able to be put there.