Off on Holiday!

by | Jul 16, 2012

I’m packing my bags for a short break in Victoria… I will be away from Monday 16th July – back again on Friday the 20th.

Mistress Jadis will be holding the fort at Carisbrook for me – and will even be guest writing Gearhead Weekly! I’m very curious to see what particular toy she’s been enjoying playing with lately. She should have it up in the next couple of days so I will try and check in and crosspost over to here – but everyone should go read her blog at

I’m so looking forward to a few days relaxation – going to the spa, a decadent tea, maybe a tiny bit of shopping 😉 though I recently bought a couple more pairs of Louboutins and a pair of vintage cowboy boots so I should probably make an attempt to be sensible.

Which reminds me of my last trip out of Sydney – I recently received some photographs from the very talented Curtis Walker who was behind the scenes with my friends Maya Sinstress, Mara Mayhem, Domina Snow, Sarah Blake and myself as we got up to a little mischief at DomConLA – here are a couple to give you an idea 🙂