Gearhead Weekly – Leather Sleepsack

by | Aug 23, 2012

I thought I’d write this week about my amazing Mr S leather sleepsack – I bought this in San Francisco a couple of years ago – or rather I commissioned it as it had to be made for me and then sent. It was a very expensive piece but has proven it’s worth many times over as I use it in a lot of my sessions – the speed with which a slave can be totally encased and immobilised makes it ideal for shorter 1 or 2 hour playtimes but it’s total (yet comfortable) restriction is perfect for my overnight and multi-day experiences. Of course it’s always possible to find cheaper alternatives – if you look on ebay or on a few discount fetish websites you can find apparently similar items for under $500 instead of around $2,000 (once you add in the options) – but these are almost always made in Pakistan of cheap, thin leather (usually lamb) that really isn’t up to the job – I know I certainly wouldn’t feel safe suspending someone in one of those discount alternatives!

As anyone who’s been in mine knows – the leather quality from Mr S is incredible – super heavy and dense with that seductive leather aroma. The reinforcing straps and shiny metal D-rings and rivets ensure that it’s super restrictive.

This is the view from upstairs looking down on the leather sleepsack when it’s been laced down tightly to the bondage bench. I’ve been told that this is one of the most restrictive bondage positions my slaves have ever been in – apparently it’s even more severe than plaster mummification! The beauty of it is of course that it only takes a couple of minutes to get in and zip it tightly closed – then I can add ropes to make it even tighter. When combined with a leather hood it’s perfect for intense sensory deprivation.

Of course once my sub has drifted off into that altered state of consciousness that’s when it’s time to mix things up a little! All of a sudden the slave will hear the electric winch and feel themselves being lifted from the bench – now dangling even more helplessly

I like to change their perspective and sense of balance and direction completely – manhandling them into exactly the position I want them in. Sometimes I’ll winch them all the way to the floor and drag them into different places – even rolling them onto their front as the sleepsack has a zipper on the back as well as the three-way zipper on the front. These mean that it’s a perfect complement for cbt – if you’re on Fetlife check my profile for some more explicit photographs of what I mean 😉

Another option is horizontal suspension – face up or face down!

Excuse the low quality photos – these are just happy snaps from my phone during sessions – but I guess that’s the reality of playing with me rather than a professional photoshoot!