sleepy Domme is sleepy

by | Aug 3, 2012

I was planning to write a GearHead Weekly today but it will have to wait till tomorrow (or today actually as it's already late o'clock)…. but I thought I'd just write a regular old update with some of my thoughts and some of the fun things I've been up to lately. I generally tend to tweet with quick updates and occasional photos during my day which I think has led me to write less over here.

Anyway – Mistress Jadis is off again in a couple of weeks and I am going to miss her! We had a huge Day O' Doubles last week which was super fun – particularly because there was so much physical domination and a whole heap of strap-on which is so very much her thing. I always love take-down and woman-handling my subs and it's even better when there are two of us!

I don't know if she's been as obsessed as I have with the NEW and improved South Floor but I have been on a total craze of playing there – it's always toasty warm (on account of the laws of physics – hehee) – and the aesthetics of the throne-like chair, cage and new gear really really appeal to me.

This worked out very well this evening when I had an extended cross-dressing "damsel in distress" session… this particular sub has a fetish for classic "Harmony" style bondage with white ropes and ball gags – very alluring… and I relished the chance to make "her" into my helpless little plaything. We started on the South Floor with the Full Transformation – then she came down to the Schoolroom which was transformed into my office… I was wearing an elegant grey silk suit with Louboutins (of course) – Miss "angelique" was the temp secretary who was overpowered and kidnapped from attempting my filing! (hehee – one day someone will come in for a secretary role play and I will actually make them sort through all my accounts and receipts – though my accountant always says I'm more interesting than most of his clients)!

Once Miss Angelique was subdued and bound I found a whole host of entertaining ways to torment "her" over the course of the evening… She ended up in all sorts of predicaments 😉 then exited Carisbrook with a secret little smile back to everyday masculine life – until next time 😉

I looked around the array of rope and other entertaining items and decided to come back and clean tomorrow morning!