Gearhead Weekly – The Humiliator Gag

by | Sep 17, 2012

Ooops – it’s been a while since my last GHW! Partly from computer problems but also because it’s hard to decide what to write about – I come out of one session with a plan to write about one toy, then a few hours later have changed my mind…

Anyway – let me introduce the Humiliator Gag system!

This is a fabulous toy that I’ve had for quite some time… it’s a halfmoon bit gag that buckles very snugly in place and like all gags removes all unnecessary chatter from the slave under my control ;)   line with neoprene it’s comfortable for long term use and is easy to keep clean… What makes it different from the large variety of other gags in my dungeon are the attachments that change it from being a silence solution to really introduce a variety of useful, restrictive or embarrassing options. Perfect for intense objectification where the slave is nothing more than a piece of furniture for me and/or my friends.

The first attachment I bought is probably the one that gets the most use – it’s a small round tray that is perfect for balancing a glass of champagne or a cup of tea…  I enjoy using this during extended sessions – particularly combined with bondage. It’s so delicious for me to relax in my velvet arm chair while slave struggles to balance a full glass or cup on the tray kneeing at my feet.

Another useful one is a snap hook – this makes it easy to use the gag as a bondage attachment point – to hold a slave in place by the face ;)   I’ve connected it to one of the rings built into the floor of my gaol cell, leaving slave’s face in the corner. Also good for quickly “parking” them by snapping it to a link on the chain web, or as a handy hook to hang items off – my handbag perhaps?

The Feather Duster attachment is perfect for sissy maids – both hilarious and practical!

Though if you want an even more humiliating cleaning experience there is always the toilet brush!