(the return of) Gearhead Weekly – The Humbler

by | Nov 5, 2012

Well this little series has been in hiatus for a while – oops! I've been super busy lately which has been amazing fun of course but sometimes that can mean that I get behind on writing up all my ideas here… I keep picking up toys and thinking "Oh – this is just the thing for GHW!" and then forgetting to take a photo or write up my opinion.

Anyway – the piece of equipment I thought I would write about today is the Humbler.

As you can probably tell from my devious smile I’m rather fond of this particular item! I can’t put a photo of it in use up here – though I’ll try and get some shots up in my Fetlife profile later…

How it works, is that device opens so I can trap the scrotum – the sides rest against the back of the legs so the balls are pulled through the hole and held… This presents them very amusingly out between the legs where even the lightest touch feels intense. Or other sensations may be applied directly to this vulnerable area – the Violet Wand perhaps or the sharp spikes of a Pinwheel.

While the Humbler isn’t particularly uncomfortable while the slave is on his knees and elbows in slave position, once he’s ordered to move around things get even more interesting. Kneeling up to allow access to his nipples for example stretches everything to make things more intense – while attempting to stand leads to absolute hilarity for me as the slave is unable to stand upright and look me in the eye. I love to lead someone around the dungeon by collar and leash while they’re shambling around trying to follow as their balls are held behind their legs and they are unable to stand upright.

As you can imagine comparisons to “early man” are the first thing that spring to mind ;)

The Humbler can be used in a variety of situations – to hold a slave in the proper position while he’s kissing my boots, to provide another bondage device in an interesting heavy bondage position when combined with leather or rope, to humiliate a slave who needs a reminder of his place. This particular one is even electrified – I can hook it up to my ErosTek and increase it from restrictive to painful with a simple twist of a dial!