A Very Carisbrook Christmas 😀

by | Dec 16, 2012

Just looking in my diary to put in some fun play bookings over the next week or so and realised that it's very nearly Christmas! We had the Carisbrook Christmas party on Friday so the dungeon is very festive as usual with tinsel and the occasional touch of Santa Snow 😉

I had a very fun ballbusting session the morning of the party and then found a hilarious description up on Fetlife in the Tales from Carisbrook group the next day…

Christmas balls

I've just got back from the funnest and funniest ball
beating session with Mistress Servalan. Twas the morn before
Christmas… well, the Carisbrook Christmas party … and Mistress
Servalan allowed me to preview the music for the party. It was all
Christmas carols and Christmas music generally.

I have now spent a good part of the hour with Mistress smashing into
my balls in time to a wide range of carols. Perhaps the funniest was an
Australian Christmas song from the 70s, Six White Boomers. We both
sang along as Mistress's fists smashed into my very sore balls. It so
hard to know to fall about laughing in the middle of needing to fall
about screaming.

But Mistress certainly made a couple of very shiny red Christmas
balls in time for the party. (Thankfully, she let me take them home).

Carisbrook is such fun!!!

Now to update my availability – I'm not going away this Xmas/New Year season as I have in the past… so I will be available for session. I
think sometimes over the holiday season is exactly when you need to take a bit of time for yourself and release some of that stress! I won't be available on Christmas Day – I might be around for New Year's – I have very happy memories of one year back at my old dungeon when I started out the year in the best possible way with playing 🙂

Oh – and how hilarious is this little graphic a slave sent me 😉  this was in the email that actually started me on this post – I love a slave
with a sense of humour!