Busy Domme is Busy!

by | Dec 6, 2012

I've been up to lots of fun and mischief recently – playing, socialising even doing a little bit of shopping (hehee)…

I just received an exciting box from the courier the other day with my newest pair of designer heels! This time instead of my usual Louboutins I purchased some Zanotti ankle boots – I'm so in love with them! They are quite heavy leather and the smell is totally intoxicating – plus the extreme and sensual heel…

Ms Servalan's new Zanotti boots

Here's a little happy snap from the dungeon this afternoon – it's quite
difficult to get a view of one's own heels with the webcam 😉

I had my laptop with me because I organised a double domme session with my bestie Mistress Wynter! Now before you get all over excited she's not actually here in Sydney with me (well not now anyway) – but we did a live + webcam session together! She was watching me play, and adding her inimitable brand of verbal tease and torment – plus giving ideas of what she'd like to see next. It was amazingly fun! Our double sessions are famous so it was a great chance to see if that energy translated to this new format.

After we finished playing I decided to take her on a little tour of the dungeon (this time with my iPad) – I think she was impressed. Most people are when they get to see Carisbrook for the first time. That was so fun I decided to do it again and record it!

A tour of Carisbrook is now up on YouTube so go have a look and see what you think 🙂