Gearhead Weekly – Leather Armbinder

by | Dec 4, 2012

The subject of this Gearhead post is a beautiful leather armbinder I
was given by a slave of mine as part of my birthday celebrations last
month… I'd held off from having something that really seems such a
staple of a well stocked dungeon – mainly because I purchased the opera
length Fetters double arm version many years ago and found that lacing
the two pieces together created a very similar effect. Plus it does take
a certain degree of flexibility in the shoulders to squeeze into that
not ever slave possess

But regular readers would know what I'm
like when it comes to toys – it was only a matter of time… This
beautiful piece is both constructed and lined with premium leather and
has sexy red trim. It's so new that the leather smell is still quite
intoxicating! Though apparently an armbinder is not a cuddly toy 😉

I've been using it quite often in recent sessions – I'm
entranced by the visual appeal of the shoulders pulled back and
restrained – the little crease and the inherent discipline and control –
happy sigh…

This slave is kissing my leopard Louboutins while restrained….

This view is of my slave miss charlotte (cd) restrained and dollified – as
you can possibly see I took this little snap while wearing my "civilian"
clothes – I often enjoy putting slaves in restraint of some sort while I
take my time choosing the perfect outfit and accessories for my