Slave’s perspective on an innovative double

by | Dec 11, 2012

I recently did a Double Domme session with my good friend Mistress Wynter – which wouldn’t be such a surprise as we love playing together except for the fact that at the time she was in New York City and I was in Sydney! We decided to gang up on a favourite sub of mine “charlotte” in a webcam + live session. In a way this was a “proof of concept” as I had been wondering how this would go… Mistress Wynter is extremely adept at all forms of verbal and very creative with extra ideas of play so I was expecting fun and it went even better. With a good internet connection in Carisbrook – a well aimed webcam and my laptop it was like she was there in the room with us…

Charlotte wrote a review of the experience over on Max Fisch and it has been fun to see a number of US based submissives chiming in with their memories of the in-person double sessions we’ve done over the years,3,4&Board=reviews&Number=1599838&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1

I know some people have the privilege of having a double session with Mistress Servalan and Mistress Wynter. Sadly I have not but I have experienced the next best thing. A live + webcam session. This is a brief account of my wonderful experience.

I was with Mistress Servalan in Carisbrook whilst Mistress Wynter appeared via webcam. I had a nice chat with Mistress Wynter and then the session started. The interaction between the Mistresses is amazing, I dread the thought of when they are together in person. They have similar tastes, great friends and are kind, wonderful but sadistic women and that comes through.

Mistress Servalan commenced whipping my back, chest and genitals and the joy of Mistress Wynter in my suffering was a great experience. Having played with Mistress Servalan for a long time she knew all my terrors and she showed Mistress Wynter my dreaded fear – the terror that shall not be named caused by innocent looking fingers.

At one point I was given the choice – the terror that shall not be named or a cock caning. I could not choose. The Mistresses decided that
since I could not decide I would be subject to both .

When it was time for the cock caning Mistress Wynter was very helpful in pointing out when I was not relaxed enough that my toes started
curling and Mistress Servalan had a perfect remedy – foot caning.

As my penis was not giving a big enough target the Mistress forced me to masturbate to provide a target.

During the cock caning there was lots of laughter from the Mistresses and lots of begging and trying to escape from me.

This is just a brief account but I have to say that it was such a great experience. I know that if a sub was with Mistress Wynter and
Mistress Servalan was via webcam the enjoyment would still be the same.
The interaction between the two is amazing.