Another multi-day session

by | Jan 26, 2013

I've just had an amazing time with a favourite slave of mine and have spent the last four days in session… I know that for a lot of people it's hard to imagine what a four (or five – or more) day session would look like – how on earth can you keep playing for so long and what exactly goes on.

My twitter followers generally have a good idea 😉 when I'm in extended sessions I often live tweet little snippets of what slave and I are doing and occasionally post photographs of what's been happening. Of course it's not the same intensity of play that one experiences in a two hour session just multiplied out over a few days! I don't think that would be physically possible for me or the slave!

The essence of a multi-day session is total control.

From the moment I open the door till the moment slave heads back into the everyday world he has completely given over control to me. I choose what we are going to do, what he's wearing, when we're eating, what play activities we indulge in, when he gets to use the bathroom, have a drink or even how easy it is to breathe..

All of the time there is some form of bondage – from absolute total immobility bound to the inversion rack and turned upside down to a chain locked around his neck and a short rubber suit under his regular clothes while he's allowed out for an hour or two to check phone messages and have a snack.

There was So Much Fabulous Bondage – including using a new piece of equipment that I've dubbed the Bondage Spine (or possibly the Tentacle Monster) – this is a suspension device that hangs off my electric winch – it has seven crossbars that line up exactly with the rings on my leather sleepsack and fourteen chains that hang down and clip onto the sleepsack so it can be quickly and easily suspended horizontally. I've done plenty of horizontal suspension with this before – but using rope and my straight suspension bar. This is much faster and apparently is even more comfortable – one feels completely weightless drifting in air totally supported with leather and chains. And omg does it look hot! (I may have a couple of sordid fetishes there). Face up or face down – either way the various zippers allow all sorts of access. I'm very excited about this new piece and am already coming up with ideas of other ways to use it with other forms of bondage.

Each day was different and very fun. I use a lot of different methods to ensure that my slave knows that he is totally under my control. This often will include dressing my slave up – it's another way to take away an sense of his ownership of his body. In everyday life he wears regular male clothes which are generally loose fitting, or he is naked in his own skin. While under my control he may be dressed in a snug lycra zentai suit, tightly laced into corsets, dressed in frilly maid's uniform or slid into a latex catsuit. Each outfit creates an unusual range of sensations and reinforces my ownership.

Meals are another interesting area to control – one morning I gave slave a coffee and some berry porridge but served them from dog bowls on the floor while he was chained to the dogbox – one evening we went to one of Sydney's finest restaurants and ate an incredible meal while chatting about travel and history (we have many shared vanilla interests). I love that to the casual observer there is nothing to see but under his civilian attire he's collared and wearing latex.

Most of our time together though is taken up with BDSM play. Extended sensory deprivation, humiliating watersports, forced orgasm when least expected, corporal punishment and nipple play. Of course cock and ball play is a major feature – I like to remind slaves that this area is what gets them in so much trouble! During a multi-day session I reinforce my sovereignty over the genitals with a lot of different pleasurable, painful or just uncomfortable sensation. Keeping things locked in a chastity device perhaps or using electro devices to produce a range of sensations. One of the moments that has stuck so firmly in my mind was having him bound to the Fetters inversion rack – I had carefully placed several needles though the skin of his penis – then I changed his perspective – turning him upside down so his face was next to my heels and stocking clad legs… undoing the clasps on my girdle I removed a stocking and wound it firmly around his balls carefully removing the needles and watching a tiny drop of blood fall on his chest – swoon – so many perfect vignettes in my memory for me to savour.