WYSIWYG Mistress – and Happy 2013

by | Jan 10, 2013

So as I'm sure everyone realises I'm not a "Mistress Slash Model" – I'm fetishist not a Fetish Model. My personal fetishes are more about me communing with my leather, fully fashioned nylons and beautiful Louboutins – I have a more classic than extreme aesthetic 🙂  That said – as everyone knows I'm sure my main website is badly outdated so I really need to get some new photographs done so everyone knows what my playspace is like now (amazing) – and what I'm looking like…

Enter my latest "yikes" moment!

My good friend Sarah has taken some incredible photographs of me over the last few years – and I feel she really connects with the FemDomme aesthetic I hope to capture… She's moved to Queensland but was visiting over the new year – so in November I locked in a date with her…. the Third of January … Oh dear – what a recipe for disaster!

Now I'm sure you know ladies like to look their best on these occasions! Though I always try and balance that with "being real" because my goal is for my potential submissives to get an idea of what I look like not to appear in a fetish magazine – this was all good back in November – I'd started a running course, was lifting quite heavy and doing lots of yoga (as usual) – even eating more vegan (as opposed to vegetarian food)…

Then the troubles start! I get a knee injury so the running (and yoga) were out for six weeks 🙁   I probably shouldn't comfort myself with delicious champagne or red wine but you know – sometimes these things happen when one is a decadent hedonist!  Then it's the holiday season – parties, dinners, more parties… me being cranky with my knee – I'm sure you get the picture… then I realise I'm going to be hormonal on the day of the shoot.

The final straw? A nasty cold and a few nights of bad sleep – so not feeling glamorous in the slightest!

But I decided to look on the bright side – this is probably slightly worse than my everyday session look (I even did my own makeup) so no one is going to be disappointed if they come in and I don't look like my photos – hence the title of this post What You See Is What You Get Mistress – no professional makeup, no borrowed outfits, no photoshop miracles – just me!

I haven't seen the photos from my photographer yet but here are a couple of behind the scenes phone pics that my friend took on
the day.

surrounded by my Louboutins (and one pair of Zannottis)
surrounded by my Louboutins (and one pair of Zanotti boots)
Photographer getting a slave's eye view
Photographer getting a slave's eye view
We even ventured outside - it's hard to capture the full impact of this leather coat dress with a black dungeon background.
We even ventured outside – it's hard to capture the full impact of this leather coat dress with a black dungeon background.

So that was my start to 2013 – with lots of sniffling! Apologies to anyone who's been trying to get in touch with me over the last week or so – I don't take bookings when I'm not well so I haven't been answering the phone… well on the mend now thank goodness! Being sick is very dull…