Introducing Miss Tilda and Easter availability…

by | Mar 27, 2013

No it's not a new apprentice Mistress or anything like that – just a tiny personal update about a new addition to my house not Carisbrook…

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen a few hints here and there of a new member of my family, a couple of weeks ago I acquired a puppy! She's from a rescue organisation – and I was told she was a Rottweiler cross Ridgeback (her mum is the Rottie) so she should grow up to be a big girl. She's currently only about 7 kilos and so adorable – if still needing a lot of training… wish me luck! It's been a very long time since I last trained a baby pup – my last dog who passed away almost two years ago was an adult rescue. So I'm going through the whole teething/ toilet training saga that you get when they're little babies. That said every day she's better behaved and doing her best to make me smile.  I'm posting a couple of candid webcam photos – so please excuse me looking scruffy and the roll of paper towel on the sideboard – I think I'd just rescued it from being strewn across the whole house!

Miss Tilda has a taste for the finer things!
the day after she came home – pups don't drink wine!
look how much she's grown!
look how much she's grown!

How beautiful has the Sydney weather been over the last couple of weeks! Summer is supposed to be well and truly over but it certainly doesn't seem like it with *very* warm temperatures and blazing sunshine – I'm making the most of it for sure… I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter break and gets outside in the sunshine – or inside in the dungeon 😉 I prefer taking my breaks when everyone else is working (the perks of being self employed) so I will be available for session. As usual a day's notice is required and if you have trouble reaching me on the phone – the best option is text message 0404 654 774 or email