American Adventures Part 1 – New York

by | May 21, 2013

It's been a while since I wrote an update… though those who follow my adventures on twitter would probably have a good idea of what I've been up to!

I've certainly been very busy with all of my very favourite things – sessions – shopping and socialising! Starting with New York City which I have to say is somewhere I just love more and more every time I visit it. As always I was super busy with sessions – I'm lucky that over the years I've been visiting I've met a lot of amazing US based submissives who look forward to my visits. This time I started out with something different – an overnight session!

Not that an overnight session is different for me – I'm one of the only people in Australia who specialises in extended and overnight sessions – and one of a small handful worldwide who frequently conduct multi-day sessions (my friend Irene Boss being a notable other). But doing one in someone else's dungeon is a very different proposition! I was a little bit worried to be honest – how would it flow in a much smaller space (this is NYC after all) and with different equipment? In the end I was very happy – I felt that it was a great challenge to my creativity and I really enjoyed doing things a little differently.

Other New York adventures included some amazing double sessions with Mistress Wynter and chatting with her long into the night as we always have so much gossip to catch up on that Skype just doesn't work for… We also did some filming together – which may lead to a new development I will be announcing soon!

The weather in New York was beautiful – warm sunshine and some of the most amazing street flowers… I stay in Chelsea just near the fabulous Highline – and as I was walking around the city I kept noticing what looked like confetti blowing in the street but was actually pink or white petals from all the beautiful blossoming trees! In the spirit of my new conviction that I need to remember to experience the city a little more I headed uptown with Ms W and Mistress Veronica to visit the Frick museum which was fantastic. I often spend so much time in beautiful cities never seeing anything apart from the dungeon and a couple of kinky shops 😉


I took this photo on my phone the day I went to visit the Frick museum – you can get a feeling for how beautiful the contrast is between the busy city streets and the blaze of tulips and blossoms… It is a magical time of year to visit New York.

Of course there was a lot of naughty "indoor activities" as well! I got to play with a lot of my favourite American submissives – there are people I've been seeing now for years, even if I don't get into town very often. Quite a lot of my US sessions are corporal punishment focused – quite often as the visiting Headmistress of the Carisbrook Academy or a Strict Australian Auntie.


I certainly made an impression on quite a lot of naughty bottoms after they'd been turned over my knee and given a good spanking – then some attention from my hairbrush and Lochgelly tawse which I always pack first thing!

Just a little bit of shopping while I was there 😉 it was all very well under control until I went to my favourite shop the Horatio Street Louboutin store! I bought The Most Amazing Shoes I've acquired in a long time – I will post some photos of them in my next update as I had some beautiful photos taken when I was visiting Irene Boss in Pittsburgh…