Sydney Springtime

by | Aug 16, 2013

How beautiful has the weather been over the last couple of weeks! I've writing about springtime but the calendar says that we still have a couple of weeks of official winter still to go but I must say all the beautiful blossoms I'm walking past everyday don't seem to agree! That said we all know that September can still be surprising with cold snaps so I'm not going to be packing away the heaters any time soon!

I've been super difficult to catch on the phone over the last few weeks – so apologies if you've been calling and/or texting in vain! Generally if you don't reach me on the phone first up, either send me a text message or try back in a couple of hours… Try not to send a text saying "Hi Mistress" and nothing else though 😉

In other news this month is Mistress Jadis's 6 Year Dommiversary! I announced her official apprenticeship on the 20th of August back in 2007 but we'd been planning and scheming for a couple of weeks before we went public 😉  I think I've finally cured myself of calling her "my apprentice Mistress Jadis" and now refer to her as "my colleague" as the actual apprenticeship side of our relationship wrapped up about five years ago! I think she's saddled with a bossy-older-sister sort of relationship for life however 😉  She recently relaunched her website with all sorts of lovely new photos and evil thoughts but here are a couple of happy snaps taken on my phone from a function we attended a couple of weeks ago.


I'm the one with the leopard print Louboutins 😉


Just don't ask about *my* website – it's become a sort of "don't mention the war" Faulty Towers sketch! Well at least it's progress – I keep being 99% done and then I get stuck on photo choices or decide I need to wait till some little piece of dungeon renovation has been finalized and photographed to it's best advantage! Oh dear… But the advantages to an old site are that not so many new people see it 😉 so I get to stick to my happy percentages of 4 out of 5 sessions being with people I've seen before… or more even. Not that I don't like exploring with new people – that can be so exciting to delve into someone's mind and fetishes for the first time, but there's always the process of making sure that we're going to have shared interests. Since the sad closure of Salon Kittys there have been a few "homeless subs" looking for ladies to play with – but the experience of going to a house of domination is very different to seeing an independent Domina – particularly me! Sadly I've heard some awful stories about those people trying to cash in on the gap in the market with untrained ladies charging substantial money and claiming years of experience but with no equipment, no fetish wear and apparently not much of an idea of what BDSM is about…

Luckily there will be a new BDSM house opening in the near future – so I will be very happy to have somewhere I can personally recommend to send those gentlemen looking for same-day bookings, switch sessions, body worship and so on. I've been asked recently if I was planning on taking another apprentice or expanding – but that's not something I'm interested in at the moment… Carisbrook is my personal playground and every single piece there has been curated by me – I really wouldn't want a whole lot of ladies in my space!