Short, sharp shocks! Corporal punishment play

by | Sep 19, 2013

I've had a super busy few weeks since I last posted about how beautiful the sunshine has been! One week I spent in one of my intense multi-day sessions – this time over four days… I've been seeing this particular slave for many years now and we always enjoy spending time together whether it's enjoying dinner in a glamorous restaurant (I *love* fine dining) or my watching him struggle with total sensory deprivation in my newest isolation hood. Of course my twitter followers would have seen plenty of live-tweeting and naughty photographs of what was going on during our session!

Quite recently I've had a number of short but intense sessions that are the complete opposite to my multi-day in terms of time, a half hour domestic discipline. While I'm well known for extended heavy bondage sessions that go from several hours to several days, I also have quite a number of naughty (adult) boys and girls who come and see me regularly for discipline either in my school room or upstairs in the comfortable environs of the North Floor.

Interestingly while the basic content of the sessions is the same (corporal punishment) there is still a lot of variety. One gentleman has been seeing me for many years, with a particular interest in the Scottish school tawse – I'm a bit of a collector in this area and have quite an array including five authentic Lochgelly's in weights from Medium to XH! His session is not punishment per se, and has no role play – but I know that like many people there is a distinct benefit to recieving regular discipline – it clears and focuses the mind and really sends the recipient out into the world with the slate wiped clean.

Another "naughty boy" I've been playing with recently is very focused on role play; this time drawing from real life experiences. He left a lovely comment on my little YouTube video "Ms Servalan's Disciplinary Implements" I highly recommend Ms Servalan, I have had 2 recent sessions with this lovely lady, the first was a headmistress scenario set in the 60's and the 2nd scenario was a Aunty scenario again set in the 60's, the roleplay is excellent and any limits you may have she understands, so I will be making more appointments shortly

He has been back to see me a few times since that comment and we've gotten a chance to explore a few scenarios drawn from life set both in the upstairs bedroom on the South Floor and in my schoolroom.  He's been reliving some important childhood experiences and receiving the punishment that wasn't given at the time – this time of course as an adult with full and informed consent! Which is of course the difference between BDSM and abuse – while I might be the strict Aunt or stern Headmistress – what happens between us is negotiated and agreed to. The "boy" in question may very well feel afraid and so they should! I am going to leave them with a hot, sore bottom 😉 but the balance of power is a power exchange between equals not an adult bullying a smaller (or at least younger) person.

And in the way that these things always happen – while my mind has been on spanking (and my hand has been doing plenty of it too!) I was sent a delightful message from a miscreant who's moved interstate and saw me one time a couple of years ago. He's given permission to quote him here.

"I saw you in mid 2011 for a session where you were my strict school headmistress. I had asked you for a good hard hand spanking over your knee followed by 6 of the best with your senior dragon cane and if you could post a pic of my well thrashed stripy bottom on your journal or twitter account. You said you were more than happy to and then talked me into receiveing 12 strokes instead of 6. You explained to me that you would 6 me backhand and 6 for hand strokes to ensure both cheeks would get equal damage. I loved your otk hand spanking, lovely hard rapid spanks while getting scolded. I was not expecting it to go for as long as it did thinking you would stop soon because your hand was too sore. By that stage my bottom most certainly was!! I was most impressed as it would have been at the very least a 20 minute spanking of fast rapid spanks. I was then told to get up over your knee and bend over the school desk. Your 12 strokes of the dragon cane most certainly lit my bum on fire and the ones on my sit spot got me close to tears. You mentioned to me that sitting could be quite uncomfortable and had a bit of a giggle to yourself and sent me on my way. It only took half an hour of your time as she said you believed naughty boys should be given a short sharp shock. The drive home was quite a distance but felt a lot longer then it was sitting on a freshly caned bottom. My bottom was still lovely and warm and of cause very sore by the time I got home and I went straight to the mirror to examine your artwork. A delicious lovely striped botty. I than sat my bare bum on a bag of frozen peas to try and cool it off a bit. I looked at your twitter account that night and there was a pic of my sore bottom.  It's a shame because I have since relocated as I would love to bare my bottom for you again. If I am ever in Sydney in the near future I would most definitely like to see you again. Thank you once again Mistress! Warm Regards"