Home in Sydney

by | Nov 20, 2013

Well my little trip to South Australia was super fun! Though since I've been home I've been too busy with sessions to write up how much I enjoyed my visit…

The "excuse" I had for going was that I was going to the Beyonce concert because when the Sydney shows were all sold out! Though really it was just the motivation I needed to go and visit my friends Mistress Electra A'more and Goddess Gabrielle at their amazing studio The Fetish Palace.

The Fetish Palace is beautiful – it's in a super convenient location just a few minutes walk from the center of Adelaide – I was staying on North Terrace in one of the nice hotels near the casino and it was less than ten minutes for me. When you walk in the atmosphere is amazing! Goddess Gabrielle has a particular dark and decadent aesthetic that she loves and the look and feel really impress straight from the waiting area with lots of custom metal work. I had sessions in three of the different rooms but of course investigated all their other play spaces to check everything out.

When Mistress Electra A'more took the reins she added in her own touches and experience and of course a truckload of amazing toys and equipment including some of the same Fetters leather bondage pieces that I love so much. Plus she's a devoted rubberist who has an incredible array of rubber bondage gear as well – phew I think they might have slightly more pieces than I do at Carisbrook!

I haven't really visited a house of domination since I left Salon Kittys almost ten years ago so it was a different experience for me to sit on a sofa in the girl's room and have a chat. Of course I had so much catching to do with Electra and Gabrielle but it was really nice to meet their junior Mistress Summer and the playful and naughty Miss Emily.

I was lucky enough to get to do Double Domme sessions with both Mistress Electra and Goddess Gabrielle – as regular readers of this blog over the years would know I absolutely adore playing with other dominant ladies, especially in their own personal playspaces as it really gives me new ideas to bring home, because even when we have similar play styles there is always something unique in another Domme's style. I even got to reconnect with a lovely bondage slave from the past who I hadn't seen for a few years as his work no longer takes him to Sydney every couple of months… amazing how quickly one can reconnect, especially with a shared passion for devious bondage!


This is a little selfie I took just before Electa and I went into a lovely discipline session – we were matching in leather and spikes.

Of course a trip to South Australia had to involve some wine 😉 So I took a couple of days to drive to the beautiful Barossa Valley for some decadant wine tasting…