Happy Holidays!

by | Dec 27, 2013

I hope everyone had a good Christmas or Saturnalia if you prefer 😉  A sex therapist I know recently posted this http://creativesexpression.com/2013/12/24/surviving-the-silly-season/ blog entry about “Surviving the Silly Season” as of course it’s well known to be a very stressful time of year for a lot of people… I recommend having a read as she has some very good advice.

Rather than get dragged down into the routine of Christmas, how about we see it as an exciting holiday where we can open ourselves up to more pleasure and love and be gentle with ourselves? Prioritise sexy time with yourself or your lover. How about your give your body as a gift to your lover? Be kind to yourself. Take some time out for yourself or your family. Stress can have a very bad effect on our health, so try to take some time out. If you have a partner, take the night off and just spend it with your lover.. Spoil yourself.

Around this time of year in Ancient Rome they celebrated the festival of Saturnalia, a holiday in honor of the sowing god, Saturn. There was much drinking, sexual indulgence and singing songs naked in the streets.. It was a raucous festival and apparently the best festival of the year.

Hmmm – that sounds like much more fun! Of course a lot of my submissives like to take a little bit of time out during the holidays for themselves and come and see me ;) sometimes they just need to get back on the “Nice List” with a good old fashioned spanking!

I’m back in the dungeon playing again after a couple of days off doing festive things, though as always I’m hard to catch on the phone a lot of the time, so if you’ve had no luck send me a text message on 0404 654 774 or email me ms.servalan@gmail.com  For some reason too my phone reception has gotten worse – sigh – which I know can be very frustrating for everyone! I’d chance from Optus but I just don’t know if anyone else’s reception would be that much better. Again – text and/or email is a good way to get around those sorts of problems…

As always I had a holiday party in Carisbrook for Mistress Jadis, myself and some of our friends – it’s not a fetish party with slaves, just a fun chance to relax with a cocktail and a chat… I’ve been self employed since early 2000 (either in PR or as a ProDomme) so the days of the office Xmas party are long gone and after a few years of missing out I decided to make my own fun :)


This is me and my good friend Mistress Serena with a magnum of champagne at the party! We’ve known each other since my first day at Salon Kittys back all those years ago! An amazing lady who never left the BDSM scene but hasn’t been taking professional sessions for a few years, she’s let me know she’s willing to see selected submissives once again! Feel free to get in touch and I’ll pass on her details…