Leather Fetish!

by | Dec 6, 2013

As anyone who’s read my blog or visited me in session knows I’m a hard-core leather fetishist – and in fact I would say that leather is one of my earliest fetishes – I remember sniffing my leather watch band when I was given my first watch back when I was very young… perhaps more a fascination at such an early age than an actual fetish… but fast forward to my teenage years and leather belts, boots and eventually a rebellious leather jacket were certainly given a more erotic edge in my imaginings.

I recently purchased some new pieces from two of my very favorite Leather Designers, Lux Tenebrae and Northbound Leather – I’m waiting (im)patiently for them to be hand made and sent from England and Canada to me in Marrickville… sigh – the long wait for high fetish glamour can be hard for a pervert 😉

Here’s a little happy snap I took with my webcam of a favourite dress from Northbound that was given to me by a very dear slave for my birthday a couple of years ago. I’ve matched it with leather cap, spiked choker and one of my absolute favourite pairs of Christian Louboutin stilettos – the spiked ones I bought in New York this year! swoon – there’s just something so archtypically dominant to me about the combination of black leather and shiny metal spikes…


Plus of course that shiny red sole is just so very ummm – “eyecatching”. I almost always wear red lipstick as well and vary my favourites though MAC’s Russian Red is probably my number one choice. Red nails are always something I love too – though today they’re silver for a change… but I will probably be back to red again next mani/pedi appointment.

Leather is not just something I wear either – I love, love, love leather bondage! I have a whole post I’ve been thinking about a lot recently regarding my personal style and theories of bondage – I might even write it this week 😉 but mainly I just adore the chance to use leather. Some people thing that it’s just wrist and ankle cuffs – but they’ve obviously never visited Carisbrook because I’m amassed a huge collection of beautiful leather pieces from all over the world (well the UK, New York and San Francsico anyway). The intensity is just ramped up that much more for me, and you can achieve such quick and complete restriction with some of my custom and bespoke pieces.

I recently received a huge new piece of bondage equipment that has really changed how I’ve organised Carisbrook – a leather (no not vinyl) bondage wheel from Fetters in the UK. I’ll have to take some photos of it in action soon – but I’m really enjoying having such an iconic piece all of my own. Plus just the sheer meterage of all that delicious English Leather really stops me in my tracks when I walk in. I try not to get too distracted by sniffing the leather, but hey, what’s a pervy fetishist to do!

Not that I’ve donated all my lovely latex outfits – and I certainly love dressing my slaves in tight shiny rubber… but for me, the allure of leather is just so very dominant and sexy.