Back blogging again

by | Apr 19, 2014

Long time no write!

As followers of my blog would have noticed it’s been a long time since I’ve written… mainly because I’ve been trying to transfer my over a decade’s worth of writing from Live Journal over here to my website. Which is done now – yay! So if anyone is fascinated to know what I was thinking about 4,8 or 11 years ago it’s all here…

Otherwise life has been carrying on happily at Carisbrook – my Twitter and Instagram feeds are here as well so it should be easier to see in one place what’s going on with me. Long sessions, short sessions, bondage, bondage, bondage and plenty of spanking and other fabulous things… I’ll be updating more frequently now I have things sorted out a bit better and I have some interesting news and updates to share.

When I get back from holiday!

Because – yay! I’m heading off for warmer climes for a week on Sunday the 7th – back in Sydney again on the 13th… Just a quick little break to warm up on the beach and recharge my batteries!

But it will be busy and fun when I’m home again because my dear friend Goddess Gabrielle will be visiting me from the 13th till the 23rd of September – for more information about her and her favourite types of sessions check her site