The Mystery of the Missing Website – plus Easter Beatings!

by | Apr 16, 2014

So I found out through a helpful submissive that my old and out of date website was out of date no longer… because it was gone! Yikes – that was a bit of a shock.I'm not quite sure exactly when it went off line – but at least for the last three or four weeks! Apparently Dan the owner of Pandemos, the UK based Domme directory sold the business and my site (which he had been hosting for me for the last ten years) just got left behind somewhere.

I've had a few calls from people asking if I've retired or am on an extended holiday/break from Professional Domination and I have to say absolutely not! I've been very busy playing as usual which my twitter followers would know 🙂 which is probably why it took me so long to find out my website was gone. Oh well – I guess it's the universe telling me to finally get that shiny new website I've been promising up and running at last! Though I should have a little interim something up soon – once we sort out the domain registration. So keep an eye out for the reappearance!

In other news I thought I'd give a little availability update – I've been very busy recently with another of my amazing multi-day sessions and then a couple of days off getting in the last of the warmth at the beach before winter. Of course this made me even more difficult than usual to catch on the phone! However back in the dungeon now. As always email to is good – or a text message if you don't have any luck reaching me on the phone…

I'm not taking a break over the Easter/ Anzac Day holidays so feel free to come in for Easter Beatings! Especially if you work in the Finance Industry 😉