The sensual art of brutal caning

by | Apr 7, 2014

Yum – so as everyone knows I absolutely adore administering the cane. When I first started at Salon Kitty’s as an apprentice many years ago my personal life experience meant that I was “authorised” pretty much straight away to conduct heavy discipline sessions – I was taught to flog and cane by an ex-professional Mistress who took me under her wing in my first tentative steps into the kink community back in the 90s. I believe that my previous experience as an ex-fencer (I competed in sabre to a National level) stood me in good stead when it came to using a cane!

In my present practice I’m lucky enough to get to give quite quite a few canings in an average week 😉 (interspersed of course with my other favourite forms of play). They can occur in a variety of different circumstances – of course a traditional scholastic setting is something I’m well known for. I’m surprised that there are so few well appointed schoolrooms in BDSM dungeons around the world, but I guess very few other ladies are as obsessed with HeadMistress role play as I am. Of course only a percentage of my thrashings are given bent over a school desk – in a D/s session there is no role play, it’s all about creating an authentic experience of Dominance and submission where the slave is offering himself for my happiness. For those who choose to serve though pain the cane is always a wonderful way to give me that perfect gift of suffering. In that case firmly restrained face down on the large bondage bench in the main dungeon is a favourite position for me to cane in and gives the slave no “wriggle room” at all. Neither does the beautiful leather upholstered bench up on the South Floor – this amazing piece came from Fetters in the UK and I have to say I’ve found it one of the most versatile pieces of bondage equipment I own.

Interestingly caning is the one area where I’m happy to take direction – while I never appreciate a bondage sub detailing how he wants to be bound (apart from general information and preferences)  certain masochistic caning fetishists may only be able to process the intense sensations of a severe thrashing under certain circumstances. This might relate to caning position, the diameter of the cane, timing, number of strokes at a time and so on. While the energy exchange is very different from a role play or a D/s focused session it’s still an amazing intense experience and being a part of it is so very enjoyable for me.

The same with introducing someone to the cane – taking them gently and carefully to a place where the intensity of “six of the best” is something that they can take.

Which brings me to the title of this post!

I was given this lovely feedback a few days ago from a masochist I love to cane.
“May I say in all the years I have been going to various establishments and Mistresses you are the best by miles – you know just what to do to maximise my pleasure – I have never enjoyed myself as much as over your punishment frame being thrashed with the cane. The other aspect I enjoy – I can see you enjoy giving the cane, to hear and see the results of hard and accurate strokes.

We had a great discussion as to just how sensual caning could be – not in the way that sensual domination is imagined by most people – but in the true meaning of the word. All of our senses are excited by caning… I love the sound of the ritual swish of the rattan through the air as I select the correct weight for the bottom before me, the feeling of the cane in my hands, taking time to place each stroke exactly and perfectly (as inaccurate caning kills the ability to process pain for most subs), running my fingers across the raised red welts… little perfect moments like taking a moment between sets of six to rest my hand on the slave’s back and just breathe in and out with him – feeling us both connected and centered by the intense rush of sensation.

The masochist who wrote that lovely thank you note agrees with me about the sensual nature of caning, and takes a very heavy dose – what many people would call brutal and has certainly been left with bleeding welts in the past. However as we take time to calibrate our senses and expectations it’s the sensuality of the overall experience that makes it possible for him to reach this level of intensity and walk away with a very sore bottom and a huge smile on his face!