Apprentice Mistress Atredies!

by | Oct 10, 2014

As a number of you already know a couple of months ago Mistress Jadis and I decided to take a young lady under our wing. She’s been assisting on sessions with both Mistress Jadis and myself and has been getting exposure of all the different types of sessions that we enjoy. I’ve been so busy recently that I’ve been remiss in introducing her here so I thought I had best make up for that with a proper introduction.

So – Introducing Apprentice Mistress Atredies!


She’s a statuesque young lady with a background in costume design for film and theatre with a particular interest in leather and corsetry! She already has a fabulous fetish wardrobe – though has recently been on a bit of a latex buying spree 😉 Also with her theatrical background she’s proven to be a fabulous asset in cross dressing sessions as she loves to help create the perfect look. Her personal interest in BDSM has developed over several years with lifestyle experience in spanking, age play and fetish… Like myself and Mistress Jadis she’s someone who hasn’t come from another part of the sex industry and already has a vanilla career but who has decided to take their Dominant personality, natural sadism and variety of fetishes to the next level by becoming a Professional Dominatrix. Every lady has her own path to becoming a ProDomme – there are many excellent resources for those people in other parts of the sex industry to learn a bit more about kink-play – but Miss Atredies has taken the more difficult path of a Classical Apprenticeship with two Experienced Dominas to mentor her.

She’s currently assisting in sessions with Mistress Jadis of myself – so if you’re interested in being a part of her training and experiencing the unique enthusiasm that an Apprentice Domina brings to play then feel free to make a booking – her time is priced at an additional $50 an hour to the regular session fee.