Home in my Sydney Dungeon again – with a special day of kink

by | Feb 10, 2015

Well Mistress time certainly goes fast – It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been home again in Sydney for nearly two weeks!  I’m celebrating my return with lots of BDSM play of course – and my first couple of weeks back were very busy with slaves who were long overdue for some strict FemDom attention 😀

For a special treat Mistress Jadis and I are running another “In Residence” day with Apprentice Mistress Atredies tomorrow – which is a chance to drop in to see us for all those subs who aren’t usually able to plan in advance as we’ll be taking same day appointments! Pricing is $450 for all three ladies for one hour – which is particularly suitable for our favourite sort of multi-Domme session – a Strap-On Gangbang! Other activities are able to be included and shorter sessions are available for those interested in g/s or foot fetish.

Best way to make a time to serve is via text message to Mistress Servalan on 0404 654 774 or Mistress Jadis 0422 980 557

In other news I had written up a post about my travels in Mexico but it disappeared – hmmmm – suffice it to say I had an amazing time! Mexico has pretty much everything that I look for in a holiday destination – history, museums, natural beauty and tiny bit of decadent luxury because – me. I was lucky enough to catch up with my colleague Domme Jaguar who has a lovely studio space not far from The Angel of the Independence statue in Mexico City – we had a fabulous time catching up over a slave or two 😉 even more convivial than a delicious mezcal!

I’ll have to post some of my holiday snaps and some further stories of my adventures soon.