by | Mar 24, 2015

I’m usually not a complaining sort of Mistress but I finally posted the lovely detailed blog entry about a number of my recent multi-day and overnight sessions and it had somehow disappeared! I will have to write it all again….

Anyway – you will all just have to imagine all the decadent fun I’ve been getting up to recently with extended sessions ranging from five hours of spandex fetish and heavy bondage to five days of total FemDom immersion!

In other news Sissy Sunday was a fabulous success with so many different crossdressing archetypes being explored! I may have gone a little bit overboard in the pre-party shopping but I’m sure we really did need three more pairs of boots and a pair of silver sparkly sandals… I now have almost 30 pairs of shoes and boots for crossdressing ranging in size from 9 to 15. Miss Atredies was fantastic both on the day and in the lead-up when she put her (other) professional skills to the test as a Wardrobe Mistress putting everything in it’s place and even giving the wigs a new lease of life. She talked me down from buying more wigs – apparently we have a couple of dozen most of which were stored out of sight – so enough is enough! Perhaps I just need some new wig blocks so more of them are out on display – though where I would put them, I do not know…. I’m a teeny bit of a fetish hoarder – because you just never know when a particular item or outfit would be just perfect which can lead to fetish-clutter though I do try to keep things visually appealing and not too busy. I must say though I always love the look on a new “girls” face when they see the array of crossdressing goodness – apparently a very happy change from experiences elsewhere…

I booked my flights to the US and renewed my passport as well! I’m heading over for my 4th DomCon in LA – this is an amazing event that’s held over five days at the Hilton hotel near LAX… Professional Mistresses from all over the world head there along with plenty of lovely submissives to dote on us 😉 There are lots of classes, events and parties to attend and a fabulous vendor area which always ends up with my bags filling up with new toys – though as with all conferences and conventions the most fun parties are the ones in people’s rooms.

Before DomCon I’m flying to Dallas, Texas and visiting my friend Maitresse Renee! She’s such a beautiful, gracious lady and we’ve had a great time connecting at previous DomCons and online – so she’s invited me to come and visit her in Dallas. I’m very excited to get a chance to explore her beautiful dungeon – it’s huge! And filled with cages which as I’m sure you’re all aware are a huge fetish of mine…

Anyway – it’s all very exciting! I’m only away for two weeks so my Sydney slaves shouldn’t be too traumatised 😉 leaving on May 7 and back again on the 20th.


Here – have a random photo of me from a old photoshoot… I keep promising to do some new photos considering I have about a bajillion new outfits but I’m just not the Fetish Model type of Domme – too busy in the dungeon playing I suppose – though I do post a few selfies on Instagram so everyone can see that I still look like me 😉