Sardax and the Pony Show!

by | Apr 24, 2015

I am lucky enough to have had a portrait commissioned by the amazing FemDom artist Sardax. I was first introduced to his beautiful perspective on the world of Female Domination from old copies of Governess magazine in which he illustrated domestic discipline so beautifully… I still treasure those magazines and often look them over as they’re on the bookshelf in my Schoolroom.

Recently he messaged me about featuring my portrait in his blog – as it’s always been one of his favourites! It’s certainly something I love so much – I decided for my portrait rather than featuring myself in my dungeon or schoolroom to go for a Victorian fantasy… when I look at this my imagination always runs wild with ideas of my frilly sissy maids being hairbrushed over my knee – dirty stableboys being taken to task and goodness knows what else behind those heavy doors!

Sometime I will have to have a Riding Habit made for me – perhaps Miss Atredies could make one! She has a background in Costume Design so perhaps that’s an option… I’m not sure where exactly I’d wear a Victorian riding habit though? While I can ride, I’ve never learned to ride side-saddle though to be honest that’s a particular skill I’ve coveted for some time…

Of course it would be perfect to wear at DomCon where one can bring out all the most extravagant fashion – all the other Dominant Ladies there have a true appreciation for fetish fashion and we love learning of new designers from each other and swapping shopping tips. I’ve been asked by the wonderful Mistress Ellen to be one of the judges for the Pet and Pony awards this year! I was a judge of the Pony Awards last time I attended and it was wonderful fun… I love seeing all the human ponies competing to show off their training – all the variety of gaits and talents – because just like actual equines, human ponies come in all shapes, sizes and talents. There are doughty cart horses who pull their Mistresses around, pretty prancing show ponies, highly trained dressage horses or spirited hunters. If anyone is attending DomCon next month don’t miss out on seeing the Ponies put through their paces!