Back to “normal”

by | Jun 10, 2015

It’s been a very busy few weeks for me!

First Dallas – then DomCon and then having my¬†beautiful Mistress friend Shauna Ryanne visiting me last week – this week I’m just getting back to normal – well normal for me ūüėČ keeping the dungeon toasty, catching up on all those adminy sorts of things that get left behind when one is busy (if I’ve missed your email please resend) and playing with my lovely regular slaves of course. Like Morticia Adams my version of “normal” might be chaos for anyone else.

I had such a good time with Shauna while she was here – we’d emailed a couple of times but hadn’t spent a whole lot of time together so I was really looking forward to getting to know her better. That’s one of my favourite things about travelling – I get to meet some of the world’s most amazing Dominas, see their dungeons, do double sessions with them and pick up lots of¬†tips and ideas. However in this case I had a visitor to my beautiful Sydney Dungeon Carisbrook¬†– which is even more fun. I’m happy to say that quite a number of my favourite slaves came in to offer themselves for our amusement and we had a lot of fun! So many different sessions and we fit in some socialising too – a visit to Bronte beach for lunch and a stroll and dinner at a favourite Italian restaurant near the Wharf Theatre so we could stroll around Sydney¬†Harbour and admire the Vivid lights.

The Vivid Festival is great – I think the trick to avoid the crowds viewing the lights is to have a nice dinner before and wander out for a post prandial stroll once all the crowds have died down – though even at 10 or 11 at night there were plenty of people out and about admiring everything. I also went to a couple of concerts – including seeing Grace Jones! She was amazing – wearing bodypaint, stilettos, a g-string and a waist cincher she spent the better part of two hours dancing and singing her heart out… I was trying to remember how old she was – and looked it up when I got home. She was born in 1948 – which is just crazy – her level of fitness and athleticism would impress plenty of people not just half her age – but a third!

So next time anyone under 80¬†tells me they’re getting old I’m giving them even more of a side-eye than I have been all along… Health of course is another thing entirely and I’m always happy to work around any physical limitations or issues that a slave may have – but the number of times you’ve been around the sun really has no bearing on how engaged you are with the world – whether it’s performing on stage or in the dungeon!

Now I haven’t forgotten to write up my DomCon adventures – I have to try and sort through all the bajillion photos that have been turning up! There are some great ones too ūüėČ