DomCon Wrap-up

by | Jul 10, 2015

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while – but have been rather delayed (as you can tell) – mainly because it’s a lot of work sifting though all the different photographers websites to find my favourite photos of all the different events, photo shoots and classes that happened over the five days of DomCon. As I’ve said before – if you have a chance to attend this event I can’t recommend it highly enough – it’s a great chance to meet a lot of the world’s top Professional Mistresses in the one place! You might imagine that all those Dominant Women would be difficult or bitchy – but in reality nothing could be further from the truth. As so many have discovered over the years Dommes tend to be the nicest and most friendly people – I think it’s because we get to be very discerning in who we allow into our world.

I was as always very busy while I was in LA – there are a number of fantastic official DomCon events including play parties, socials and after parties – but I was also teaching classes, filming for various FemDom fetish producers (including my good friend Irene Boss) and fitting in some delicious sessions both in my hotel suite and in local dungeons – plus shopping of course! I purchased some new electro attachments, a new mini-bullwhip, a dragon’s tail, more canes, nipple sticks, and a lovely heavy iron collar – plus some more personal things from GirdleBound and a custom latex outfit that should be on the way soon!

Of course the best part is always getting to spend time with a lot of my amazing dominatrix friends – and meeting new ladies of course… Just an incredible event as always.

CBCP1045 10.23.22 PM

Tormenting my frilly sissy at the Dungeon West after party

Sharing a laugh with a few hundred of my favourite Dommes!  Can you spot me?

Sharing a laugh with a few hundred of my favourite Dommes! Can you spot me?

With my fellow judges and competitors at the DomCon Pony Awards

teaching traditional palm punishment at DomConLA

teaching traditional palm punishment at DomConLA