Leather Weather!

by | Jul 30, 2015

Well it’s certainly been chilly lately though the recent beautiful sunshine and warmer days have been very welcome indeed. Of course cold weather is always an excuse to dress up in leather – well – I pretty much do that everyday in the dungeon – but when it’s chilly outside I get a chance to wear my favourite items out in the everyday world as well! This pic is one I snapped when I was out for drinks with a group of my girlfriends – I thought why not take advantage of the cold to dress up even more than usual! Including GLOVES – I have a terrible glove fetish and just keep buying more – it might actually come as a surprise to some slaves as I don’t tend to wear them in session very much – but I really really love tight leather gloves… I must post some photos of some of my enormous collection!

Of course no one likes to be focussing on the cold when they’re supposed to be focussing on play – so the aircon and heaters have been working hard to keep Carisbrook nice and toasty… As my dungeon is a large open-plan warehouse space it’s not always easy to maintain an even temperature in all of the playspaces – so on the coldest evenings we take advantage of the Laws of Physics and migrate to the two mezzanine levels which are always nice and warm. Or the mirrored sling room which is a small space that is very easy to heat – I actually overheated it the other day and my slave and I felt like we were melting! Of course once the door was open and cooler air coming in we regulated the temperature back to the perfect level.

I have a saying “Discomfort is the enemy of Pain” – which can apply to twinges in the back – cricks in neck – and definitely to being too cold or hot… I feel the cold a lot myself so most slaves are generally comfortable if I am. However if you’re feeling at all chilly please don’t try and tough it out… save that endurance for toughing out your flogging or nipple torment or other delicious play – let me know if you’re cold and we can find another Carisbrook Microclimate to inhabit 😉