Approach the Throne

by | Aug 8, 2015

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Carisbrook lately – I’ve had lots of amazing sessions but we’ve also been busy with some around the dungeon improvements – all inspired by the delivery of my majestic new throne!

I had it custom made and it took quite a long time for them to find the exact colour of upholstery that I was after – though looking at it now I’m very pleased with how it looks. I’ve had some amazing moments in session recently having a slave kneel before me for the collaring ceremony, or bow his head to worship my boots or designer stilettos…

In one of my recent extended sessions my slave spent quite some time kneeling before me massaging my feet. That’s one reason why I love my unique padded rubber floor in the dungeon. So much easier on the knees for my devotees 😉

One of the things I particularly look for in my dungeon aesthetic is open space to play – while I may be a fetish hoarder (I still own the cuffs & flogger that I bought when I first started playing in the early 90’s) – I really dislike a playspace that’s so jammed full of gear that there’s no room to manoeuvre. I like to have an open space where I have room to crack my bullwhip, overhead space for canes and space to physically manhandle my slaves without banging into things. It wouldn’t be much fun riding a slave around the dungeon if it’s only two paces in each direction!

So introducing a big new piece felt like a challenge – and while it was on the way I kept trying to imagine what would be the best place for it… In the end I magically created new space by moving the stereo and the bookcase it was on into my backstage area. Well not the same stereo in fact – I finally upgraded to an amp and speakers as while the old one worked 95% of the time it occasionally made random loud noises which could be a bit distracting in session! I also moved the (new) speakers upstairs to the South Floor so they’re not taking up space. The cable is currently in sight – I’m hoping to secure it better soon.

Last but not least we repainted the floor! The entry way, intro area, kitchenette, school room and bathroom have had their paint refreshed – possibly the least exciting update of all from a slave’s perspective but I really enjoy seeing it fresh and nice.

Now I just have to ponder the arrival of a major new piece of bondage furniture – I’ve been discussing design ideas with the same slave who commissioned the infamous ball cage for me and he’s promising something exciting for my birthday on October 6!