Back and busy in the dungeon

by | Sep 16, 2015

I had such a great¬†holiday while I was up in Far North Queensland – just swimming in the ocean, enjoying the sunshine and relaxing. I did fit in a visit to the Crocodile Farm which was (of course) touristy but actually pretty fun! I have a bit of a fascination with crocodiles – they’re like leftover dinosaurs! I picked up a crocodile belt too which I’m hoping to use on a naughty boy’s bottom soon ūüėČ I’m going to have to do some tests to see how severe crocodile hide is compared to all my regular disciplinary implements! I find it very entertaining that my belt might be the other half of an Hermes handbag, they sell the belly skins to a variety of luxury companies but the back skins with all the ridges and bumps get made into other things – like my new belt!

Happily for my readjustment into non-holiday mode the weather in Sydney has really improved lately – I love the spring weather – of course spring means it’s nearly my birthday and I’m already having many of my lovely submissives and masochists spoiling me a little.

Sessions over the past week have been so much fun with a wide range of different play styles and activities. There’s been plenty of corporal punishment and I must have given hundreds of¬†strokes of the cane. One of my cane enthusiasts took the opportunity to explore back-to-back sessions… He wanted to experience just how severe it is to be caned two days in a row! Turning up to be bent over and thrashed when one has fresh welts already applied is a special kind of courage – however this particular miscreant admits to several decades of discipline experience so his bottom is not at all easily marked after so much seasoning. He’s had some very kind words about my caning style as we’ve gotten to know each other. His first appointment he showed up with a home-made “back and thigh protection device” as he’d had plenty of not-so-accurate experiences with other ladies.

This is a lovely testimonial he wrote for me recently “I would like to give a very strong recommendation for Mistress Servalan.¬†Over the last 40 years i have engaged the services of over about 20 mistresses in UK, USA, Europe & OZ.Without question Mistress Servalan is by far the most talented with the¬†Cane as all the other implements of punishment.¬†Her Dungeon equipment & “Toys” are of the highest standard. Her understanding of Male masochistic needs & desires is amazing and always leaves me with a sore tail and well satisfied¬†expression.¬†She is simply the BEST!”¬†

It’s always so lovely to receive such thoughtful feedback after a session. In the heyday of the Max Fisch messageboards there was a fantastic place for reviews and session experiences to be shared – but it’s not at all what it used to be sadly so not many submissives are taking time to write out their experiences except in the lovely thank you emails and text messages I receive after a playdate. I might have to post some more of them here (with permission of course)…

Which reminds me – I have some photos and ideas to share from my other recent sessions too but that might have to wait till next time.