Rubber fetish sluts and latex lovers

by | Feb 7, 2016

I’m better known for being a leather fetishist and that’s usually my go to for session attire on most days though I do enjoy wearing my glamorous latex outfits as well.

However my very favourite way to indulge my latex fetish is by encasing my slaves in it! I’ve had quite a lot of latex sessions over the past couple of weeks – there must have been something in the air – perhaps a whiff of rubber that led all these fetishists to my dungeon. I have a very good selection of latex attire to dress my slaves in; catsuits from Libidex in London, gloves, stockings, dresses, sleepsack and of course a wide selection of fabulous hoods!

I have such a hood fetish and have recently added a couple of new latex ones to my collection – some of the hoods are extremely severe with only the smallest nose holes for breathing and some of course are far more comfortable and perfect for achieving total encasement in tight shiny rubber with only the eyes showing… I think that the experience of seeing yourself in the mirror totally transformed from an everyday person into a shiny fetish object is extremely powerful. I’m such a visual person (as I’m sure one can tell from my playstyle and playspace) and I really enjoy “forcing” my slaves to witness themselves under my control. The extra level of depersonalisation that comes with hoods is quite enticing!

Of course the experience of latex is as much about the physical sensations as the visual spectacle. A tight catsuit is like another level of bondage – the feeling of compression as you are zipped in, the sensual experience of touch when encased in a second skin, the way that strategic zippers leave certain areas exposed!

It’s no wonder that rubber creates such intense fetishism and that so many of my rubber sluts have been lining up to be under my control once again 😀