Three hour sessions

by | Feb 19, 2016

Since I updated the pricing section of my website to include my rates for three hour sessions I’ve had quite a number of slaves and submissives who’ve decided to submit for that little bit longer. I choose not to multiply my one hour rate for subsequent hours as I enjoy longer sessions and to be honest the chat/shower/clean time is pretty similar every time I play…

Of course longer isn’t necessarily better – particularly when one is still in the early stages of exploring BDSM and kink – I always recommend a one hour session for an introduction to FemDom for example as I believe that when every single activity is brand new and even the experience of simply being naked before a Dominant Woman who is fully clothed (in glamorous fetish wear) is intense that a shorter experience is the right mix of digestible and overwhelming.

That said a longer amount of play time is perfect for many sessions – my bondage enthusiasts have been playing for three or more hours for a long time (and then there are all the overnight and multi-day sessions) but recently I’ve had a wide range of other submissives wanting to immerse themselves deeper in my world. This has included a Domestic Discipline aficionado who wanted to be given detention in my schoolroom then sent “home” to where his strict aunt was waiting to administer further tasks and punishment – several pretty crossdressers who wanted to have more time to get dressed and made up, indulge in some kinky roleplay and then have an outfit change into something more risque to adjourn to the dungeon for more fun – rubber fetishists who need to spend more time encased and cocooned in tight shiny black…

Each session has it’s own sense of rhythm and timing of course – and a longer sessions has different pacing to a one hour – we’re not rushing from one phase of play to another but have a chance to explore each activity a little more.

This is one of my lovely thank you emails….

Dear Mistress,

Did I say, WOW, after the session yesterday? My brain was not working properly.

I really cannot think how that session could have been any better and I cannot thank you enough for indulging me. The build up then the slide back again before the next build up – over and over again. It worked a treat and by the end, you could have done whatever you wanted to and I would have been almost unable to say no – it was just the head space that we yearn to reach. 

My brain is still trying to process all the different things we did and as you saw, the end result left me in a state of shock – great shock, but shock nonetheless. It think it might also be the difference between a two hour session and a three hour one. That extra hour gives me to time to be right off in space.

Whatever the mechanics behind it, it is your amazing skills that pull it all together and make it happen. I loved your new torture chair and I am so looking forward to seeing the pics. I think there will be some amazing shots there, especially with the nipple torture but also with the hood shots. Ahhhh. Love those hoods!