Easter availability and the Fetish Markets!

by | Mar 23, 2016

My goodness the last month has gone super quickly! I’ve been really busy lately with a lot of fantastic sessions… from half an hour of over the knee spanking to several overnights and one of my fabulous multi-day sessions. As is usually the case I play with a lot of people I’ve seen before – from those who’ve been serving me for more than 15 years to those who’ve just started exploring and are coming in for their second or third session. That said I’ve had quite a number of new and new-to-me submissives and it can be quite refreshing to see a new slave’s perspective on many of my favourite activities and fetishes.

For those of you missing her my reports from Mistress Jadis are that she is having a great time in Japan though I’m sure she’ll be looking forward to being back in the dungeon again after Easter – she’s back on the Monday…

I personally have some availability over the Easter weekend – just a reminder that I require 24 hours notice for all bookings with people I haven’t seen before – if I know you there’s occasionally a chance I can see you on the same day. Everyone needs to confirm their bookings at the time I give them – a text message is fine. Sometimes this time will be earlier than you’re expecting – usually because I have another session or appointment so won’t be around the regular 90 or 120 minutes before.

Easter Sunday is very limited however because Miss Atredies and I are going to be having a stall at the Sanctuary Fetish Markets!

I’ve been doing a little de-cluttering in my house prior to my renovations (which are well underway now thank goodness) – and have decided to spread the love to my chaotic Carisbrook dressing room! What I’ll mainly be getting rid of are shoes and boots as I still have a lot of pairs of Pleaser and similar brand shoes where all I really wear these days are my collection of Louboutins (well and Zanottis and a pair of riding boots)…. So anyone looking for a pair of size 7 or 8 fetish shoes should come and have a look! To add to the sale goodness, Mistress Jadis did a big cull of her possessions also and is adding several pairs of shoes to the assortment along with a beautiful pair of buttery soft leather pants she bought at Mr S in San Francisco that just never sat right. Miss Atredies has a variety of plus size fetish items and some shoes in a size 8-9. I’m going to do a bit more a sort and see if there’s anything else that catches my eye to add in – I know there’s a leather bra I never wear (NOT one of my Lux Tenebrea babies I must add) and maybe a couple of pieces of latex.

Fetish Markets

Come along to the Sanctuary’s

Fetish Markets

Stallholders will be selling a wide variety  of kinky things from floggers and canes to designer clothes and leather.

Food and drink will also be available.


191 Parramatta Rd, ANNANDALE

Time: 12pm – 5pm
Entry: $5.00
Dress code: Street clothing is acceptable but it’s always more fun to dress up.