Back in Sydney – Back in the Dungeon

by | Jun 9, 2016

It’s hard to believe I’ve already been back from my US travels for two weeks! I had an amazing time while I was away and was back playing in my beautiful Sydney Dungeon the next day… of course as usual I’ve returned home with plenty of new ideas and new toys I’m excited to bring into sessions.

First stop of my whirlwind tour was Chicago to visit my good friend Miss Maya Sinstress – I have to say that while the flight from Sydney to San Francisco was perfectly comfortable the second four hour leg to Chicago was a little challenging! I might sound like a big hippie but my usual way of dealing with any travel stress is to just remember to be grateful – I’m so very lucky to be able to take time to travel and even more so to have such wonderful friends around the world to go and visit. Miss Maya picked me up from the airport and we headed back to her beautiful space… I started my trip in the best possible way with a fabulous domestic discipline session only a few hours after I arrived in the country!

Ms Servalan spanks in Chicago

That set the tone for my whole visit really, I had so many fun sessions in Chicago, New York and LA – a majority of which were focussed around Corporal Punishment – either in Disciplinarian mode in silk blouse and pencil skirt or in Dominatrix mode with lots of leather. When I’m home in Sydney I have a wider range of sessions – particularly crossdressing and bondage – but in the US I’m best known for my intense and accurate caning so that seems to be what I’m sought out for.

Chicago was great fun – lots of fun in the dungeon, a quick visit to the Art Institute of Chicago, some amazing vintage finds, but best of all getting to spend time with Maya.

Then it was on to New York City and one of my dearest friends in the world Mistress Wynter. I’ve spent so much time staying with her over the years and it’s one of those things that when you’re really close to someone it doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen them for a couple of years – the minute I walk in the door of her apartment I feel like I’m at home, settle down with a cup of tea and prepare for hours of chats to catch up on everything… of course there was time for play too! We were very happy to reconnect with a few amazing submissives we’ve played with over the years and I had a number of very loyal subs come and see me again – I know there’s one problem with seeing a visiting Mistress – it’s exciting but can also be almost sad if you form a connection with someone only to realise that they only visit every year or two.

I know it”s a cliche but New York really is such a wonderful city – though I really don’t do any of the regular tourist things when I visit – mostly it’s sessions and spending time with my friends – though I did manage to fit in a visit to the Natural History Museum this time! And a little bit of shopping 😉

Apart from my bestie Mistress Wynter I also caught up with other New York City Dommes including Mistress Regan Black, Troy Orleans, Mistress Varla and Megan McCord… Too fun!

My DomCon update will have to wait till next time – but suffice it to say it was a fabulous experience once again and I have a lot of wonderful photos to share.