Planning to play and my upcoming holiday!

by | Sep 27, 2016

I sometimes get new (to me) “clients” being quite surprised that I don’t take same-day bookings… It’s certainly a very different way of experiencing BDSM for those who are used to being a walk-in client at a House of Domination. Instead of waking up thinking “I really deserve a spanking” – or catching sight of a dominant looking lady striding across the street in shiny black boots and phoning up to see who is on shift today you have to put your urges on pause for a while and find a time that is suitable for the Domina and not just you…

While there are some Independent Mistresses who accept short notice bookings you’ll find that many of the top tier ladies need at least 24 hours notice to play – at least for those who they haven’t seen recently. While a quick glance at some of advertising listings may lead you to believe otherwise – talented and experienced Mistresses are actually in quite short supply – so we tend not to sit around the dungeon waiting for slaves to decide to call… Days where no sessions are booked are a chance to catch up on emails, fetish shopping, ordering supplies and all sorts of other behind the scenes administration – plus vanilla fun like bushwalking, visiting galleries and catching up with friends. Occasionally a slave I know well may politely enquire just in case I have availability – but it’s certainly not my regular way of managing my time.

Which is why planning to play is so important!

So think in advance and start to relish the delicious anticipation of knowing you’ll be at my feet in a few days time – or even further in advance if you’re not based in Sydney – because I specialise in extended and overnight sessions I can often have times where the next available appointment isn’t for a week – and I know some slaves have been disappointed to miss out because they didn’t get in touch early enough to secure a spot in my diary.

That said – some serious planning is needed if you’re hoping to see me in the near future! I’m off on a holiday on Friday the 30th for a couple of weeks of relaxation ✈️🌴 I will be back in Sydney again on the 15th… I don’t have much availability between now and then, so if you were hoping to see me get in touch!

I’m going to be away for my birthday for the first time in many years! So I will need to postpone outsourcing my birthday spanks until I return – my birthday is October 6 and if you’re are inclined to spoil me gift ideas are champagne, a spa voucher from, or lovely kinky things from Lux Tenebrae, Northbound Leather, Top to Bottom Leathers or Studio Gum.