Very busy back in my Sydney dungeon!

by | Oct 28, 2016

It’s hard to think that I’ve already been back in Sydney for 10 days or so… It’s certainly been very busy and a lot of fun!

My first session back after my holiday was a double School session with Mistress Jadis and I with a very naughty “school boy”. I spend quite a lot of time in my classroom applying leather and rattan to naughty bottoms – with a variety of different role play scenarios from the good boy who just needs a little encouragement to improve, to the worst miscreants who may well end up in reform school or worse if they don’t mend their ways! This time was very different as our naughty boy had brought along a game of Snakes and Ladders that we would all play together – every time Mistress Jadis or I landed on a ladder we enacted a little micro-scene and gave him a sound six of the best!

He was kind enough to write a lovely testimonial thank you letter afterwards

I think that Mistress Servalan and Mistress Jadis usually specialise in pretty heavy dungeon scenes but they also excel at lighter role plays, including the school-type CP fantasies that I like. I just had a great session with the two of them and it will take a while to get over the adrenalin and endorphin surge.

I was the first person caned by Ms S after her two week holiday, so she was suffering from CWS (caning withdrawal syndrome) and clearly relished being a very strict headmistress.They are very creative at inventing and acting out scenarios and they’re two gorgeous mistresses who clearly enjoy their work! I’m looking forward to the next time, but need to do some recovering first.

Of course “heavy” is such a personal thing – many of my dungeon focussed slaves would find the level of caning that this naughty boy takes to be much heavier than their leather bondage!

And variety is probably the best thing about being a ProDomme for me – I get to explore so many of my personal fantasies and fetishes with a wide range of different submissives – everyone has their own energy that they bring to session so play never gets repetitive for me… I’m terrible at being bored, so doing the same things over and over is never going to work for me! Of course the elements might be similar or even the same – strap-on, cbt, bondage, crossdressing or whatever is being explored – but every time the combination, focus and specifics and intensity are unique.

And that’s what I’ve seen over the last week and a half – I’ve reconnected with subs I’ve known for 15 years, introduced new people to the power of BDSM and had sessions from a half hour HeadMistress discipline to 12 hours of rubber fetish and heavy bondage.

But how was my holiday?!

Amazing! I had such an incredible time… Cambodia is a very beautiful country and I would really love to go back as there are lots of places I didn’t see… plus even though I went out to the Ankor Wat archeological area on four different days, there are dozens of different beautiful temples and you could easily spend a month just absorbing all the history and beauty. I took a lot of photos and quite a few made it to my Instagram so worth having a look 🙂

As I guess regular readers know I have a huge interest in History, Art History, Material Culture and the Ancient world in particular – I’ve been incredibly lucky over the years to have visited many different incredible sites from the Ring of Brodgar, Skara Brae and the other neolithic sites in Orkney, the Pyramid of the Sun (and Monte Alban) in Mexico, Borobudur and Prambanan in Indonesia, the Forum in Rome, Nara in Japan…. My mother was a museum professional and later an Academic in Material Culture so I was always brought up to appreciate and want to learn more about all the incredible art, architecture and cultures that have left their imprint on our world. So learning more about the ancient Khmer empire and the kings that built these incredible temples was amazing.

I also balanced out the culture with a little pure relaxation spending quite some time in a little beach bungalow on an island off the coast with no Internet, no phones and not much to do but swim, read and relax!