A general update and Easter availability

by | Apr 14, 2017

How miserable has the weather been the last month or so! It started raining the week Mistress An Li was visiting at the beginning of March and pretty much didn’t stop for weeks… luckily I really enjoy the sound of the rain on the dungeon roof but enough is enough. The last few days though we’ve had a few of those beautiful autumn days that Sydney is so good at – warm sunshine and a crisp breeze – delicious.

I’ve been super busy over the last few weeks both with lots of sessions and with a couple of other interesting things. Some of my subs know that I’ve been learning a language and last week I had my first exam in a very long time. It’s been good fun being the student instead of the teacher – though I must say the methodologies are rather different to mine at The Carisbrook Academy 😉 I’m happy to say that I don’t have to report (to myself) for correction as I was very pleased to receive a Distinction.

The other interesting thing I did was teach a class for SWOP (The Sex Worker Outreach Project) as part of their staff training day. Apparently the outreach workers have been getting quite a lot of enquiries about BDSM work from regular sex workers so they contacted me to come and conduct some training with them on Professional BDSM – I wasn’t able to compare and contrast BDSM with other forms of sex work as I’ve never worked in any other part of the sex industry, but group was super interested to get my perspective on how Professional Domination has changed over the 17 years I’ve been practicing. I really believe one of the biggest changes is the fact that so many regular sex workers are incorporating some kink into the experiences they offer – with varying results of course. So I was happy to pass on safety information and particularly to recommend Kink Academy as a place to get reputable BDSM education *before* you start trying everything out! I personally think it’s great that people are exploring their desires more – and to be honest I think that being a very traditional Dominatrix attracts different people to a kinky escort so I haven’t seen any downturn in how busy I am – probably the reverse to be honest as there are plenty of people who try a few kinky things with an escort and then decide to experience a session in a fully equipped dungeon.


One of the questions was “how much equipment do you need” and to be honest I wasn’t really able to give a useful answer! I have over $100,000 worth of toys and equipment and I really do use it! When I started out as an Independent Mistress I took over from an established lady who was retiring and bought all her equipment – the suspension frame, spanking horses, tall cage, mummification bench, flat sling and numerous other pieces large and small… and since then just keep buying new gear! Including some lovely new slave latex that just arrived yesterday from Libidex in London… I’m excited to use my newest bondage catsuit and oyster hood in my next rubberslave session! They’re looking forward to some hard use soon I’m sure.

With Mistress Jadis away for a quick break I’m holding the fort in Carisbrook over Easter and still have some availability for sessions – perhaps a rubberslave to experience my newest pieces?