Back in my Sydney dungeon!

by | Jul 16, 2017

I’ve been back in Sydney for just over a week and have already had some very fun sessions. Spain was amazing – I had such an incredible time… lots of museums, monuments, landmarks and culture of course – but I certainly fitting in plenty of enjoying the Spanish culture of walking from tiny bar to tiny bar having a drink and a little snack before moving on to the next place.

I spent quite a lot of time in Madrid and of course visited many museums including The Prado to see the Goya,Hieronymus Bosch and Velasquez paintings and the Reina Sofia to see Guernica and all the other Picasso, Dali and other amazing works – I also visited a couple of other Madrid galleries and saw some incredible pieces including an intense Mark Rothko painting (one of my very favourite artists) and even a Holbein portrait of Henry the 8th and an exhibition on Art and Cinema! Such diverse collections and I suspect I only scratched the surface…

I then set off on a little road trip visiting several beautiful places in the South – Cordoba, Sevilla and of course Granada to visit the Alhambra – though one of my very favourite places was actually a National Park called Cabo de Gata which is a unique desert environment and actually the place where Sergio Leone filmed The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and many other spaghetti westerns… the place I stayed was so beautiful and peaceful – five minutes drive from the closest beach but so quiet and elegant. It was a perfect break from the intense museum/cathedral cultural experiences I had been packing in.

Of course I had to fit a tiny bit of kink shopping in – not BDSM specifically but definitely fetishes of mine as I purchased two wonderful pairs of riding boots in Cordoba (a traditional home of incredible leather) and a very beautiful shiny steel and deer horn knife in Granada. Swoon – I’m looking forward to some delicious knife play very soon 😀

I keep looking at all my photos and trying to decide what to include in this blog post – but there are a few over on my Instagram that you’ve probably already seen and I suspect that no one is quite as interested in holiday snaps as the person who’s taken them!


Since arriving back home I’ve been busy in the dungeon with some very entertaining sessions including meeting a few new submissives – I think quite a few people can feel intimidated about contacting a “serious Mistress”, but a number of people recently have told me that they’ve had kinky experiences with escorts offering BDSM services and it’s often quite disappointing… My advice would be when you’re researching if you’re looking for sex plus a bit of kink then many of these ladies are amazing – but don’t let nerves put you off contacting a Domina – we’re usually very friendly!