Birthday, back from the bush and sad (fashion) news

by | Oct 14, 2017

Thank you to all the lovely birthday messages, gifts, champagne and (outsourced of course) birthday spankings I’ve received (or given – haha) over the last week or two for my birthday! I just got back yesterday from a few days total digital detox in the country… I was staying in a little cabin near a river on a large property between Lithgow and Mudgee. With absolutely zero mobile reception it was a great opportunity to unwind and enjoy some time with nature bushwalking, sitting by the campfire and reading my stash of books. Of course time off from the Internet means catching up on emails and messages but I suspect that all my subs and slaves are used to me being quite slow to reply to emails at the best of times!

As usual I’ve been very busy with sessions – including a number of overnight and multi-day sessions that incorporated a lot of my favourite activities… as many know I have a tendency to go through “crazes” with new or rediscovered toys – most recently it’s been shaving with a straight razor. OMG – so very good. One shaved slave commented to me that while it’s actually less uncomfortable than shaving with a regular disposable razor and far less so than waxing the vulnerability and intimidation of having a woman weilding a cutthroat around your intimate areas makes it super intense! I also just really love the ritualistic side with hot towel, soaping the area and of course the almost hypnotic sound and sight of me stropping the razor back and forth on the leather strop…. happy sigh

In sad news one of Australia’s most glamorous and iconic fashion labels Wheels & Dollbaby has announced that they’re closing – I’m honestly so incredibly sad – I went into the Crown St store today to see what I could find and managed to pick up an iconic floor length gown (now I own three – the one in my photo here is also from WDB) and a perfect disciplinarian blouse and pencil skirt. There was barely anything left as once the news got out the community of “Dollbaby”s descended en masse and bought up everything they could find! Mistress Jadis and I both have quite a sizeable collection of their pieces. Leather skirts and dresses, leopard print cocktail frocks, enormous tulle ballet skirts, slinky black evening dresses, perfect pencil skirts and silk blouses… Even a couple of casual tops and jumpers. We used to go to their legendary “garage sale” together and work as a team scouring the racks for the perfect item. It’s the end of an era for decadent divas.