Foot Fetish and Other Fun

by | Mar 31, 2018

My Sydney dungeon has been very busy in the last few weeks with lots of different sessions including quite a number of very enjoyable Foot Fetish sessions. I often incorporate some elements of foot/stiletto or boot worship into my other sessions – either as a reward for fetishists with an interest in a range of BDSM activities or occasionally to start to build and develop a fetish. Recently however I’ve seen a number of “pure fetishists” who are only interested in exploring that one area rather than being BDSM generalists. Just like any other activity however a Foot Fetish session can range from light to intense – from the sensual indulgence in having my feet in their face to the more intense desires of trampling and other forms for Foot Domination. One slave was excited to explore the heavier side of his fetish and took his very first ballbusting! While certainly for for everyone he found the experience of having the absolute focus of desire become the instrument of suffering was a very intoxicating experience.

Another foot related fetish that I’ve been enjoying recently is shoe dangling… pictured above is my very favourite pair of Louboutin stilettos for this particular indulgence as they slide so elegantly from my bare or stockinged feet. I love looking down on the rapt face of a dangle devotee just watching them slip  perilously close to revealing all… phew!

Last week I would have been extremely difficult to get in touch with as I had one of my favourite slaves join me for a session across a whole week. He spent five nights locked in my cell and one night only locked in a chastity device and discreet collar. This particular slave is a good example of someone who didn’t start out as a classical fetishist but who has developed an appreciation building to a fetish over the years… I have had some very enjoyable foot massages from this slave while he’s wearing heavy manacles and is chained at my feet. He’s also spent quite some time in an inverted position on the bondage wheel or hanging head down from ankle suspension being forced to appreciate my latest stilettos as in a recent short video on my Only Fans page 😀

Which reminds me! There are a few recent photos and tiny short clips a little too naughty for my website or social media so I will have to upload a couple over the next day or so… Do let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like to see!