Dragging bodies around the dungeon!

by | Aug 21, 2018

Sorry if I’ve been quiet on social media for the last couple of weeks, I had a short holiday away being nice and warm in Queensland then was no sooner back in the dungeon than I caught a cold and had to take a few more days off! Much less fun than beaches and bikinis I must say….

Lucky for me I do tend to get over these sorts of seasonal snivels pretty quickly so was back playing quick smart and getting up to mischief including a session with one of my favourite crossdressing and bondage subs – last time we played there was a focus on metal bondage so this time I decided that leather bondage should be the order of the day. I got to indulge myself in one of my more unusual personal fetishes – dragging a helpless body…. it’s kind of hard to explain to be honest – but for some reason I *really* enjoy having a slave completely encased and immobilised, usually in a bodybag but mummification also works and physically hauling their body around from one end of the dungeon to another. I discovered this weird fetish completely by accident many years ago in my previous dungeon – when during an extended bondage session I wanted to move my slave out of the way so I could set up for the next position… as I slid the spandex sleepsack across the floor I felt that unmistakable frisson of delight!

I don’t know – it’s not even something I’ve heard of being a fetish before but for some reason it just works for me 😀

I think it’s part of really reinforcing the utter helplessness of a slave who’s in sensory deprivation and inescapable bondage – knowing just how disorienting it is for them to feel themselves being moved around and not being certain of where they are and what could be coming next! I also really really enjoy using any piece of bondage equipment that changes a slave’s perspective and position – from the salon chaise going from chair to couch, the suspension suddenly hoisting someone into the air, the bondage chair cranking back and the inversion rack swinging them from head up to head around my boots and the Fetters bondage wheel giving another opportunity to change perspective 😀

But there is something so visceral and personal about using my strength to physically haul a body from one spot to another…

In that particular case what was next was also quite controlling and disorienting – still in sensory deprivation leather hood – he was bound to my bondage wheel to be ruthlessly teased and tormented – including turned upside down and having the Venus2000 used for the ultimate in sensory overload.