New Year – New Toys – New Travel

by | Jan 9, 2019

I hope everyone has had a fantastic start to 2019 – I know I have with the first week of January filled with fun sessions… and have really enjoyed getting to play with some of my newest toys!

The most recent addition to my ever growing collection of bondage gear is an inflatable latex sleepsack I recently acquired from Libidex I’ve picked up quite a lot from these guys over the years, some for myself but mostly latex pieces to encase my slaves in… the quality is fantastic and it’s important to me to support creative manufacturers rather than trying to save a few dollars on knockoffs that never end up living up to one’s expectations.

This is from the first time I used this exciting new piece – I went and bought an electric pump the next day as a bicycle pump was a bit fiddly! I’m super happy with the inflatable – it has a strategically placed zip so is far more versatile than a vacbed while still providing a very intense sensation of enclosure. I found over the years and several vac-bed that I have owned that the reality is a lot more disappointing than the fantasy with them, from the noise of the vacuum cleaner to the pressure on the face. So far in the most recent bondage sessions this year the inflatable sleepsack has been fantastic. By adding one of my many latex hoods or gasmasks total rubber enclosure is achieved.

Other new toys that I’ve enjoyed using recently include the stainless steel ball helmet and mitts in the image – I love that these render the slave totally helpless with his hands and/or head encased in shiny metal.

Plus there are a couple of other head bondage pieces including an intense leather neck corset with muzzle and headpiece and a particularly brutal Japanese face bondage set with multiple nose hooks – you can go have a look at my Instagram for some images of them in recent sessions.

However new toys are not the most exciting thing happening, I’m off on more travels in a few weeks time!

This time I’m heading to the UK, Paris and Rome for a little over three weeks… as is usually the case I can’t help mix play with travel – particularly when I get an opportunity to meet some of the world’s foremost practitioners of FemDom. In London there are two ladies who I have admired from afar for many years and I’m excited to finally meet in person for double-domme sessions showcasing two of my absolute passions as a BDSM professional – Mistress Miranda the Bondage Mistress and Strictly Miss Brown who is a Traditional Disciplinarian.

My London diary is almost full – I’ve had a lot of enquiries from naughty boys and submissives who have noticed my travels mentioned on Social Media – I will also need time to fit in my museum visits and definitely some kinky shopping for more new toys!

After London I head to Paris and Rome – and while I’m not traveling with a lot of toys – I will certainly be able to turn any truculent young men over my knee who require a bare-bottom spanking!

Availability for January and February
Sydney – now until January 27
Dubai – January 29
London – January 31 – February 4
Paris – February 5 –
Rome February 10 – 17

Back in Sydney on the 20th of February