December – January availability

by | Dec 12, 2019

My goodness I’ve been busy – I haven’t posted on my blog for six months – that’s got to be some sort of record I think as I’ve been writing regularly since the old LiveJournal days more than 15 years ago!

I have however been active(ish) on Social Media, particularly Twitter posting various thoughts, updates and photos both of play and a taste of my enormous collection of designer shoes and boots…

As many of my insiders would know I’ve had a secret not-so-little project underway since the end of July. That’s all finalised and wrapped up and I should really write a big long post soon about – suffice it to say my hard earned new skills have already been put into use on some of my favourite human toys who are looking to improve and be “Fit to Play”!

In other Carisbrook changes my best friend and co-conspirator Mistress Jadis has moved to a property in rural NSW – though she’s back in Sydney every two weeks however her cohort of devoted slaves tend to book her time up very quickly indeed! She’s back in Sydney again this weekend for a week and we’ve got several double sessions already booked in which I’m getting very excited about 😀

For further information about her Sydney availability best option is to check her Twitter as she keeps it up to date with her travel plans. Or if you want to organise a double session get in touch with me and I can check what works for us both.

My travel plans aren’t for a couple of months – I’m available in Sydney for the whole of December and January taking off on a quick holiday for the first two weeks of February.

Over the Xmas/ New Year period I’m unavailable on the 25th December and 1st of January but apart from that will be able to get any naughty boys back on Santa’s Nice List (or vice versa – haha)

I know lots of thoughtful subs like to bring a small gift – but of course your submission and suffering is my favourite thing! My wishlist is here if you’re looking for ideas – it needs an update – I’ve been given a couple of lovely things from here recently and there are always new items that catch my eye…

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