Archetypes of CP – Part 2

by | Nov 9, 2020

So last time I wrote quite a lot about traditional Headmistress discipline and how the sting of the cane is a key component in this style of play. This time I want write more about the dungeon side of CP play and how different sensations and experiences work in that context.

Dungeon discipline for me has a totally different focus. I don’t generally like to administer corporal punishment as an actual punishment outside of the Disciplinarian role where it’s for the clear benefit of the miscreant.

As a Mistress, if I’m unhappy with the behaviour of a sub that I know I will explain clearly out of session what’s happening – if I don’t know them then we’re unlikely to meet in person!

But flogging, spanking, strapping, whipping etc – that’s for when we’re feeling happy, to deepen our D/s connection, create an intense physical experience, access transcendent states or just have a lot of happy fun. My slaves and submissives definitly know that CP is a quick way to make me smile – even if they have a sore bottom and/or back to tell the tale!

And the incorporation of more “target areas” is key difference in dungeon play along with a wider range of implements. Instead of restricting all punishments to the buttocks as in a school roleplay, the slave who offers himself for a beating may be strapped down to a whipping bench, or strung up on an a-frame to be flogged and/or whipped on the back.

A classic archetype of the Dominatrix is definitely the Whip Mistress and I relish the precision and intensity of the singletail. But the art of flogging is not just a precursor to the whip but exciting in itself. I have a substantial selection of floggers that I have collected over the years – and each produces unique sensations.

Taking us back to the “Sting vs Thud” question from before. When I asked my followers on Twitter this question there was a common theme – that the slave or submissive can “take more thud”. For those who submit to CP to please the Mistress that ability to endure extended amounts of flogging, strapping or paddling is a way to deepen the D/s connection and achieve an almost altered state of consciousness as the intensity slowly rises stroke by stroke.

One contributor on Twitter wrote “Thud, not sting; heavy better than light.  I really can’t tolerate sting for long.  Thud is better because it can go on longer, which aids the mistress-slave dynamic.”

A desire for Durational Discipline – with a long slow build up using a large array of different implements to create different sensations and increase the intensity over time.

Of course it’s not all flogging all the time for durational dungeon discipline – being restrained and strapped, paddled and yes – caned is also a classsic and enduring way to experience Corporal Punishment on the bottom. Which benefits from lots of nice padding 😀

Leather implements are versatile favourites here – I had a long leather strap made specifically to my measurements the first week I left Salon Kittys all those years ago as I really love using straps. Which are a definite favourite of Mistress Jadis who has in the last couple of years been on the hunt for the exact examples she has in mind for her discipline sessions. Recently she’s added a beautiful array of leather implements from The London Tanners – eloquently described in her recent blog post. I’m happy to say that I’ve also had a chance to try these new implements out and they’re definitely very fun to use!

But no matter the implement or even activity in the dungeon, the Mistress/ slave connection is paramount and seeing the happiness in her eyes as the willing submissive suffers. Often then to be balanced out with a range of other BDSM activities from teasing or tormenting cbt to decadent fetish indulgence.